What’s all this then?

It’s always important to keep the end in mind, so we’ll start there. I set a goal to do a 5K each month in 2015. That’s it. I’m not aiming for times. I’m not aiming for weight loss. I’m just aiming to cover 5 kilometers once a month.

Now it’s not that simple of course. There’s always a why. The why is wanting to make slightly better choices. I’m a big believer in small decisions. Take the stairs, cut out one Coke you would have had. Park a bit farther away from the entrance at a grocery store.

I was never going to do a marathon a year from. I have zero desire to do so. But 5Ks are manageable. Now hopefully, I’ll be running the whole distance and improving time throughout the year, but that’s a hope, not a goal.

So why write about this experience? Partially because I’m a narcissist who likes talking about himself, partially because I’m hoping to contribute something to other people who want to run but don’t feel like running marathons, and partially to make sure I’m held accountable.

I have no idea what this will include. I’ll document my little adventure, and I’ll share interesting, relevant information. And I might share completely random things. I reserve the right to make random posts whenever I want.

– Q



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