Child of the Universe

It’s a cold night out. My body’s aching from a bit too much fun the night before, so I’m not running; I’m doing an easy, relaxation-based yoga instead.

I’m here to find the calming yin to rough ying of day-to-day stresses.

We work our way through the floor-based poses, stretching out my sore legs, my aching back, and my tense ribs. Breathing in deeply, letting go of outside struggles. Letting go of the pain in my knee. Letting go of work.

The lights progressively dim. The practice slows down. More time for breath. More time for introspection.

Slowly close into Savasana, letting go of any final tensions, scents of lavender and tangerine work their way through the studio.

Finishing up and finding that last little bit of inner peace that’s been hiding deep inside.

And as we finish up, all I can think is, “Jesus, I need to go for a run.”




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