So tired I almost forgot to title this


I’ve been so busy this week even my shoes can’t stand up straight anymore.

But it’s been a good week. An exhausting week.

I got in three runs which isn’t fantastic, but it’s still consistency, and my knee is holding up (barely).

I also got in two yoga sessions, one relaxing and one vigorous that I somehow survived (barely).

And I went bowling and imbibed enough to put down a baby elephant and survived (barely).

I’m operating on the margins right now, so it’s interesting. I’m doing my best not to fall off the wagon, but it’ll still be a few more weeks before this feels like a routine instead of an obnoxious thing I’m doing to abuse myself.

Running is getting my priority and everything else is being planned around that.

First and foremost are meals. I’m über picky about what I eat on days I run. I’m pulling a combination of calorie bingeing so that I can still function while trying to avoid completely awful decisions so I don’t see my lunch in reverse during the workout. That said, my only ambition is to eat all the food.

The next thing is yoga. When I wasn’t running, I had set classes I attended. Now I just try to make it to a class when I can on days I’m not running (and my knee’s not being a jerk). Yoga’s my most important exercise. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done that has never left me injured or battered. I might feel tired, but I also feel better. Running and lifting don’t always have that effect. But it’s secondary to running because of how taxing running is. I’m trying to make sure that I’m doing SOMETHING every day. I managed to succeed this week, and I will celebrate by sitting on my ass all weekend. And it’s worked out fairly well because I got pretty close to my calorie goal each day. This is my hardest goal to hit. My continuous activity started Sunday, so I’ve done pretty good. Much better than I’d be had I not been going out of my way to do something.


And of course, I foam roll after every run. It’s a meticulous process, but it seems to help muscle recovery and my knee. It’s not fun, and since it’s post-run, I stink. But I roll and try to hit all those muscles in my leg that hate me after a run, as well as my back, which absorbs a lot of the abuse.

It’s been a good week, I can barely stand, and I’m sure I’ll have something more interesting to say another day when all my energy wasn’t drained trudging around.




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