’tis the season

The Christmas season is upon us. And with the festivities comes the food. And the sleeping. And the not exercising. And then a little more eating.

I somehow made it through Thanksgiving without gaining weight. It was a herculean effort. I deserved a crown of olive leaves.

I’m still not quite sure how I pulled it off. I was militant about what I was eating. I have not been so militant as I’ve started Christmas vacation. In the last 36 hours I’ve had 4 Cokes, Burger King, Sonic, Chick Fil A, Funyuns, and chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.

And a salad. I’m hoping that salad has super powers.

I’ve never been terribly good about staying in shape over Christmas or eating well, so we’re going to see if we can break a trend this year.

In high school, the two weeks off led to a hellish first day when we got back to our offseason workouts. I don’t want to get back to running in January and see my lunch in reverse, especially when I know I’m going to do a 5K in January (you know, with that being the overall theme of this blog, that should be somewhat apparent).

It’s interesting to see what the popular media has out there for tips. They mostly focus on food. The tips on eating healthy over Christmas are abundant but kind of useless. The tips always come back to “Don’t eat things you know are bad for you”

People tend to know what they should and shouldn’t eat, as well as how much they should eat. We just make terrible decisions. We’re the best at terrible decisions.

And so I’ll just try to use common sense.

I’ll try to eat slightly healthier options (starting tomorrow since yesterday and today were clearly a wash). I’ll try to move around when I can. And I’m going to run, even though #ihaterunning.

I brought two sets of running gear with me. I even mapped out a route, so I know where I’m running.

This week was a bad week as it was. My knee was acting up after my Sunday run, so I haven’t been out since then. I even only managed one yoga session since to allow me to rest (and to prep for the trip).

I’m just afraid of losing what little progress I’ve made to a vacation, so hopefully a 2 or 3 runs can be squeezed in while I’m here.




2 thoughts on “’tis the season”

  1. As far as the family dinners go, I’m on the “eat whatever you want, It’s only christmas once”, but do it with moderation.
    If you appreciate the dish and dont take seconds it helps a lot to gain just a bit weight which goes away fast enough if you exercise in the days after.

    But all the chocolate that’s given here and there. I hate those things around the house. It’s like they’re constant yelling at me “you WAAAAANT me” haha

    Anyway, enjoy the holidays!


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