Christmas Running

Running over the holidays is always a tricky game to play. As little of a runner as I am under normal circumstances, it’s even worse when I’m at home.

First and foremost is the disruption of my normal routines. I’m eating a lot more just because we eat out more back home than I do on my own. I also sleep at different times because everyone else is sleeping at different times. Going to sleep at 10 doesn’t really fly when everyone else is up and watching TV.

And the food. It’s hard to run because there’s just so much food sloshing around. I about made myself sick two days ago when I went running. I’m hoping to make it out today, but we’ll see if that happens.

But we’re making progress in finding races. As January is closing in, more 5Ks are showing up on searches. Unfortunately, they’re more than an hour away, so I’ll have to figure out the best way to handle that.

I did find one in February hosted by a fast food chain, so that should be entertaining.

I’m even trying to see if I can find one around trips I’m taking, so that could be interesting.

It’s a short post. There’s no grand statement or even useful advice. Just well wishes that if you’re a runner or fitness person that you’re doing better as you swing into your holidays than I am.




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