Super Awesome Year of the 5K

hot chocolate

Without further ado, I announce my first 5K of the 2015 something or other. I really should figure out a good title for this. Super Awesome Year of the 5K is all I’ve got. Maybe that will stick. Sort of like Foo Fighters sticking even though Dave Grohl has called it a pretty terrible name.

The larger goal for the year is to stay active. Unfortunately, staying active is too vague of a concept to really strive toward. It’s not measurable on its own. You need other indicators. I can track weight and calories, but that’s not terribly interesting.

This is what leads us to the 5Ks. One of the reasons I set a goal of a 5K per month was to keep myself engaged. I call them a goal, but they’re really an indicator of success toward larger aspirations. Namely avoiding diabetes, a heart attack, and being that person that everyone prays is sitting somewhere else when they waddle onto the plane. In all seriousness, I think my real ambition in life is to fit comfortably in place seats, even crappy economy seats (scratch that, especially in the crappy economy seats).

While the 5Ks are intended to keep me engaged in the larger activity goal, I’m doing other things to help me stay engaged in the 5Ks. The zombie app is an example of this. I could very easily find other couch-to-5K programs that would be free and/or better in terms of preparation, but that misses the point. The zombie app is interesting. It’s funny. And it’s zombies.

Do you have any idea how fun it is to watch people’s faces when you tell them you’re about to go run from zombies completely deadpan? You can see the thoughts slowly roll across their face (He’s a grown man. He can’t be serious… He’s serious. He’s a grown-ass man pretending to run from zombies).

It’s fantastic.

And of course, what you’re reading is another means of staying engaged in the 5K process. This blog serves multiple purposes. I’ve mentioned before that it’s a motivation to have other people know about your goal as a means of accountability. There are also people who want to be kept up to date, so this helps there.

But it serves a purely personal benefit as well. I like writing. This is a chance to practice that skill. I might not put as much time into this type of writing as I would for other endeavors, but this is a chance to practice the skill of putting thoughts into text. It helps.

And I also can screw around some with very basic design.

I’m tracking all of my 5Ks in a handy dandy chart

Look at this awesomeness. It even has a super official title and everything.
Look at this awesomeness. It even has a super official title and everything.

Originally, I was just going to track which race I ran and my time, but I thought I’d have a touch more fun with it. I decided while I was freezing my butt off this morning to add a drawing to it related to each race. Of course, I don’t really have anything to color with, so I got to bother a coworker about stealing crayons (and having an unexpected discussion on what map colors were; guess not everyone called them that as a kid). The last time I took art was in 5th grade, so it’s about what you’d expect.

And so that leads to this momentous announcement: The first 5K will be the Hot Chocolate Classic.


So we’re in the home stretch for the first race. My lower body hates me and it’s literally freezing outside this whole week, but I’m making progress on my running, and I might not die in the first run. Might.




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