Why did the chicken cross the road? To run from the dolts in the 5K

I was a bit concerned when my search for a January 5K was surprisingly difficult. I’d been spoiled while being in Florida because it’s really running weather year-round, except for the occasional cold snap (even then, you can run in the afternoons usually). I was worried this would be an ongoing issue (I’m guessing the middle of the summer and the beginning of winter might have a similar issue).

Luckily, I found my February 5K pretty easily (even before I’d locked in my January 5K).

Our friends at Chick-fil-A have a racing series, including the race being certified and chip timed. This all seems a bit nuts, but it will fit the bill. It also works because it’s as far from my 1st 5K as possible, so I can recuperate and rest if need be.

So without further ado, the graphic for Race 2 of the Super Awesome Year of the 5K

I spent entirely too much time putting this chicken together.

I’m optimistic by this point I might actually be able to run the whole race without having to slow to a trudging jog. I honestly think I’m more susceptible to injury when I”m going slow than when I’m going fast.




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