Every day I’m hustlin’

It’s been a while, and this won’t be a very long post, but I think it’s good to check in.

Recently went to a conference where I made the worst food decisions, and they were DELICIOUS. Seriously, one meal was salad, a biscuit, cornbread, three pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, ice cream, and a drink of the relaxing variety (Seriously, 2,000 calories for the meal seems like a conservative estimate). This was a byproduct of Pittypat’s Porch in Atlanta. There was nothing healthy about this experience. So don’t regret it.

Sadly, that wasn’t all. Add burgers, fries, catfish, more fried chicken, and more. I honestly can’t remember it all. My brain may be shutting down from all the calories.

That said, it wasn’t a total loss. I took my running gear with me. I also told a coworker they could punch me in the face if I didn’t run while I was at my conference.

I honestly think they would have taken me up on the offer. Really, how often do you get permission to punch someone in the face?

And so I ran. It wasn’t great, but it was something.

The hotel was actually cool enough to have a couple of routes mapped out around downtown Atlanta, but a couple of things prevented that. 1) It was raining the day I could run. 2) I thought I was coming down with a cold, so running in the cold and rain, seemed like even less of a good idea than it did under the best circumstances. 3) I didn’t really feel like running around downtown Atlanta when I don’t really know downtown Atlanta.

And so I was bound for the hotel treadmills.

They weren’t bad as far as hotel fitness centers go, but I was still on a treadmill. It’s actually been almost 3 years since I’ve used one.

That said, I did manage to find a 5K nature trail run.


And this is what I stared at for 30 minutes. It was an overview of a nature trail. Seems pointless, but I still liked it better than watching me loop a track over and over again from overhead.

So I ran. It wasn’t great, but it was better than the run I didn’t take, so we’ll call it a win.


Ignore the calories. Fatty plugged in his weight late in the process. Promise I burned more than that.

So not a full 3 miles, but it was something. And hopefully I can get back into the swing of things before the next 5K.




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