Maybe I hate running a little less

It’s been an odd last couple of runs. I’d tell you they didn’t go well if you asked right afterward, and in the moment, they didn’t feel like they went well. I was just happy that I was putting feet to pavement so I can hopefully avoid regressing at the next 5K. That said, when I looked at the times, distances, maps, etc., I did all right. Not great but all right.

And so maybe this is what progress looks like. I’m not getting as far, as fast as I’d like, but I’m going farther and faster than I was. Definitely doing better than I was before I started this little journey.

And that’s what this is: It’s a journey, not a destination. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll never be satisfied with my progress. I’m just hoping I can stay satisfied with the process.

It’s a fight every day to make better decisions. I’d rather sit my ass on the couch and goof off than run, but I got up and ran Sunday morning.

Where I’m not doing so bueno is on my food choices. I’m not doing as bad as I could do, but I could do a lot better. I chased my Sunday run with a 1,000-calorie burger (not to mention the tater tots and Coke that came with the combo). That’s not exactly helping myself out.

That said, it’s a process. Some days will be better than others. And some days will just be complete and utter failures. Like Gigli. Well maybe not quite that bad.

And so we’re at the point where we have to reevaluate things. My schedule’s much more hectic now than it was a couple of months ago. That’s alright, but it makes bad decisions more likely to slip through the cracks. I have to mind my schedule more closely. I have to plan out my runs days in advance for when I end up losing 5 days in a row where I can’t feasibly run. I need to make accommodations. And sometimes, it just means that fatty needs to take the stairs a few more times during the day just to make sure the muscles are getting some work, even if it’s not 3-4 miles.

I’m halfway through my Zombie app. I’m 1/12 of the way through the Super Awesome Year of the 5K. I’ve put in more than 50 miles since I started running. Not an astounding amount unless you consider that I put in less than 20 miles in the preceding 12 months (that’s more than 250% increase in less than ¼ of the time).

I’m not breaking any records, but I’ve gotten hot chocolate, and I’ll get a chicken sandwich next time. Things could be a lot worse.




One thought on “Maybe I hate running a little less”

  1. I’m still following you 🙂 Even though I can’t always look at everything. I had similar feelings in the beginning, and now I can’t believe how much I like it ! Keep going! !
    All the best & Happy Running – globalrunnergirl


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