Why I Was Smiling

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. On my last run before the February 5K, I was smiling. It was about 30 degrees with a wind chill in the lower 20s. It was misty. It was misting to the point that my hair looked like a dewy lawn afterward. It was also windy. It was not a good run at all. And, at times, I was smiling.

So why was I smiling? Have I finally turned the page? Have I finally decided that, no, I do not hate running; in fact, I actually enjoy it?

Nope. I still hate running. I still hate trudging along the sidewalks. I still hate wheezing up the hills. I still hate being exhausted at the end. And let’s make it clear, I don’t look photogenic while running.

I’m glad he’s enjoying himself and nothing personal, but can’t we all agree that we hate this guy?

So why the hell was I smiling?

I was thinking about after the run.

I was thinking about Popeyes. I was thinking about three pieces of spicy chicken. I was thinking mashed potatoes and gravy. I was thinking about red beans and rice. I was thinking about that biscuit. And I was thinking about the Dr. Pepper that I was going to chase the meal with.

And as it got colder, I was thinking about the heater. I was thinking about how it was going to feel when I cranked the heater in the car and I wasn’t miserable.

So that’s why I was smiling. Junk food. I wasn’t smiling because of my progress or happiness with what I was doing. I was smiling thinking about fried chicken.

Hell, Popeyes seems to be my main incentive to run. I have no further ambition than ingesting mass quantities of fast good. Gone are those other goals when I started the Super Awesome Year of the 5K.

Forget all that other mess. I want fried chicken. I’ll trudge around for an hour in the freezing cold if I can have fried chicken and watch NASCAR afterward.

And it was fantastic.

So I guess this gets us to that motivating factor for running. But not the good ones. We all know what the good ones are. What are your bad reasons? What is that unhealthy behavior you justify by going for a run?




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