An Ode to Shoes

I love the slow, deliberate process of picking a favorite.

It took a year or two of alternating, but I figured out I prefer orange juice with pulp to no pulp. I prefer spaghetti sauce with mushrooms instead of the veggies-laden option. That one took a few months. After years of switching brands, I finally landed on Every Man Jack soap.

And so it goes for running shoes. I actually had a great pair, but I don’t like to repeat, so I made a change after buying new shoes and hated the new pair. And then the new pair tried to break my foot. It was a hostile relationship to say the least. This led to me going to a running store and walking off with the Brooks Glycerines.

Much like dating someone who’s nice but not quite right, I knew these weren’t the perfect shoes for me. But much like that nice person, they were right for that moment. I was basically recovering from using crappy shoes. I needed something that would go easier on me.

When I finally fully replaced the crappy shoes (they acted as a backup option before they hurt my ankle; really sadistic shoes), I went with my Adidas Energy Boost. Dealing with the ankle injury from the a-hole shoes meant some adaptation was needed. I worried as I wore them the first couple of times that it wouldn’t work out. I still felt some of that ankle tweak from the old pair and thought I might always have to settle for shoes that were comfortable but wore me down by the end of the run because of their weight.

But lo and behold, things started getting better. There were fewer ill effects, and I was definitely able to run faster in them (thought that’s not always the best thing in the world). The lighter weight’s been great for increasing my pace.

And so here we are. I think I have found the shoes that will be my 5K shoes for the rest of the year. I’ll keep rotating the Glycerines and the Boosts for workouts, but the Boosts are just better for the 5Ks. I don’t feel the weight, and at 3 miles, I don’t want to notice my shoes.

Now, I’m not saying this relationship will last. We may meet each other’s families, but I can’t say that this will be it for me. I may keep transitioning to lighter shoes if I can keep in the running habit, but for now, I’m happy with what I have. The Boosts are what I need for when I want a quicker pace.

If you’ve got a story about finding your perfect shoes (or dealing with a-hole shoes along the way), love to hear about it.




3 thoughts on “An Ode to Shoes”

    1. I actually did this deliberately knowing you would eventually have to write about shoes. Side note, pretty sure you’re the one who showed me the shoes video originally. It scarred me. Or scared me. Either works.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s cool – I have a different angle on it. But I definitely have to change the name of the post now.
        That shoes video is still great. The one about cupcakes though – that one gets dark real quick.


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