Reengaging in the Program

One of the reasons I started the whole blogging thing (well this blog; I didn’t start blogging in general) was to stay mentally engaged in running.

Running feels monotonous. That’s a part of the beauty of it, but it still gets monotonous. And it’s a game of slow progress. You don’t put on a bunch of miles quickly and you don’t improve your pace but a minute a mile in a week. No, you trudge, and you work, and you push. Slow and steady. Monotonous.

Part of my approach these past few months was to do what I could to accept the monotony, but I think I did a bit too much. I’m rethinking that.

There are some little things that could be quick changes, like changing my route, changing my music, and changing my routine. The other part is making sure I’m still mentally engaged in what I’m doing. The last couple of months, I haven’t been. Work and life have been hectic, so running took a mental back burner. I was making time for it in my day but not in my head.

And it was taking a toll. I wasn’t being as mindful when I was running, watching my form, my breathing, etc. I’ve started reading Runner’s World, which has helped. Even though I’m not the pure target audience for them (seriously, the second you mention a 10K or farther, I’ve tuned you out), but the tips still translate.

One of the things I’m mentally latching onto and have been for a little while is to start doing drills to help my form and range of motion. Basically, those little warm-ups we used to do before practice.

I’m hitting the last little bit of my running app, so I’ll be on my own, in terms of what I’m doing. I have Runkeeper also, which I haven’t used, but it looks like it doesn’t have plans that fit well with my needs without having to pay, and I’m stingy.

That said, I can also keep doing my Zombies, Run! app and just repeat runs with more intensity, basically treating the intro workouts as interval training of sorts.

And then of course, I can always go back to how I used to run, without technology following me around (save my slacker tracker, AKA the Fitbit).

Either way, I’ve got my legs used to logging miles, so now it’s time to get back to a point where I don’t feel like a slug as I’m running, so it looks like we’re about to shift the running routine.

This is going to go so terribly.



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