Will Blog for Food

I’m hungry. I’m always hungry.

There are very few constants in my life. The hunger is one of them. I make careful food choices (careful, not necessarily good) based on my day. Meals are planned around my day. Hell, meals are planned around other meals. When I get done with one meal, I start thinking about the next one.

I can’t say that I’m a careful planner, but I am very careful about my meals. It’s part function, part obsession.

From a practical standpoint, I’ve found eating the wrong amount at the wrong time causes problems. Like most people, an overly heavy meal makes me sleepy. Like less people, I start shaking relatively quickly once I’m hungry. I’m always trying to make that I eat enough to make it to the next meal.

And again, the hunger is constant. Whether I’m gaining (intentionally or unintentionally) or losing weight, I’m always hungry. If I’m working out or ramping up workouts, I’m basically starving all the time. Even when I’m sedentary, I’m still fairly hungry.

It’s to a point that I try to make sure that either have a meal prepped for after runs or I try to eat healthy before runs if I know that I’m picking up fast food after the run. And this isn’t necessarily a bad idea after all.

And I want all of this junk food. I want burgers. I want pizza. I want sodas. All of it.

I’ve gotten better about redirecting toward food that’s healthier for me (shrimp pasta, like a boss).

That said, I also have this habit of treating pizza and burgers as a treat. Especially on Sundays. Tomorrow, I’m trying to figure out when my bad meal is and what it will be. Largely, this depends on when I run. If I’m a good runner and take off in the morning, Popeyes is getting put on notice. If I’m a no-account slacker in the morning, then it’ll probably be a post-run pizza. For some reason, fried chicken feels like a lunch meal and pizza feels like a dinner choice. Burgers are the utility player.

I’m actually writing this now to delay my feeding. I was hoping to make it just a little longer, and this bought me about a half hour, so I’ll take it.


#ihaterunning but I love eating


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