The End of the Zombie War (sort of)

It’s the little victories that matter. But sometimes the big victories matter too. Today I ran 8.06km (about 5 miles). And by ran, I mean a traveled that distance while incorporating some running. Either way, that’s a new personal best.

That was the last true workout of my Zombies, Run! app. So at least I’m covering some distance. I’m averaging around a 10-minute mile still, even including planned walking segments. It’s hard to be disappointed even if I still can’t run very far nonstop.

The other victory I’ve had is tamping down on my soda consumption. I’ve cut out caffeinated sodas (with one cheat day).

This is what cheating looks like. It was delicious.

Cutting out caffeine was the main goal, but I that was in and of itself a side goal. Like running the 5Ks for overall wellness, I cut out the caffeine so that I could cut down (and maybe eventually cut out) sodas. They’re bad for you, and in the amount I tend to consume them, they’re extremely bad for you. I’m gonna have diabetes tonight if I’m not careful.

Additionally, cutting down on sodas frees up calories for food, so I’m gaining back about 250 calories each day. That said, I really want a Coke. They’re delicious. Keep your heroin, cocaine, crystal meth. Just give me a stinkin’ Coke. I may have a problem.

So, it’s been a good week. I’m awesome, for this week at least.

But now I have to change things up. Not immensely, but enough that I won’t get bored by things. The workouts were already starting to drag a bit. I’m mulling my options.

Option 1 is to go back through the app but increase the intensity (for instance, when it says run, I would running a lot faster, the way I feel more comfortable). This allows the workouts to be more structured and allows me to track progress from when I started 5 months ago (I can’t believe I’ve actually been at this for 5 months). That said I’m still listening to the same stories and doing the same workouts.

Option 2 is to go for the fully fledged Zombies, Run! app. I was only using the 5K version. The only issue is that I don’t think I’ve got what it takes to justify the full app. I may look into it. I like the stories, so that’s the real plus. There’s also the benefit of structured workouts.

Option 3 is to go for another app like RunKeeper. It would allow for the same structure as the Zombies, Run! app, but it loses the story factor. That said, it probably offers more variability in its workouts.

Option 4 is to fall back on my old standby of just jogging without the phone and its accompanying GPS and music. This is a much more meditative, mindful practice. It forces me to be in sync with my own rhythm and can avoid accidentally picking up the beat of a song that makes me run faster (like I did with Childish Gambino’s Bonfire and Tyler the Creator’s Domo 23). That said, I lose the structure this way. I’ve done ok for a few months like this, but I’ve never been able to fully sustain. I’m hoping to keep this whole running crap up. Maybe at some point I’ll just refer to it as running.

And Option 5 is to blend all of the above. That loses any semblance of consistency, but it gives me variety.

So those are tomorrow decisions. For now, I’m just gearing up for the next race and (hopefully) maintaining my vaguely healthy dietary habits.




3 thoughts on “The End of the Zombie War (sort of)”

  1. Congrats on finishing your app (and cutting out the sodas!). So for your next training plan – I will advise against option 4 if you want to continue making gains (as the kids say these days). I’m in the middle of trying to figure out my own interim training plan for May/June before I start my next half marathon training plan.
    I am hugely fond of RunKeeper as you can set goals not only for running races or a certain distance, but also on how to increase speed etc. I don’t remember if it’s exclusive to my elite membership or not – but you can also answer some questions from the “training coach” like what’s your mileage, how often would you like to run, and it will develop a “plan” for you. There’s also lots of stuff like this online that you can find.
    A more simplified way of thinking of a training plan is to run 3x a week, incorporating one short, faster run (tempo run), one interval run, and one “long run” – and that can be relative – it doesn’t mean 10 miles all the time. When I first ran 5 miles, I wasn’t running for distance, I was running because my plan had me doing like 50 minute long run on the weekend and when I was done, boom there was 5 miles.
    Hopefully that’s some help! I did write a training plan for my brother based on a 10K training plan on my app, and adjusted it to his skill level at the time and he said it really helped him.


    1. I’m leaning toward the combo option. RunKeeper would be a good option, but it will cost money to get to the better options ($10 a month?). So will Zombies, Run!, but at least I get to keep hearing about Runner 5’s adventures (I’m starting to feel invested) and it’s not as expensive ($4 for the app, with additional seasons available for purchase). I’ll need to do some pondering. If nothing else, the stupid 5Ks will keep me active.

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      1. Yes Runkeeper is $40 if you pay for 1 year up front, and then in Dec they reduced it to $30 for a week, so that’s when I finally caved. If the zombie thing keeps you entertained, keep on keeping on!

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