What I’ve learned halfway through the super awesome year of the 5K

Usually I put half an ounce of thought into these posts, but I don’t think that’s happening today. I’m currently lounging on the couch, with one reaching to the other end of the couch and the other splayed out on top of the back of the couch (I have no idea why this is comfortable, but I do it all the time).

I haven’t been posting much recently, and I thought that was a shame, but I’m running short on ideas. I was revisiting old posts and saw the one on things I learned from running, and I thought it might be time to twist on that idea a bit and instead focus on what I’ve learned this year.

  1. Rest is important. I’m not 18 anymore, and I can’t just bounce back from workouts easily, and I sure as hell can’t bounce back quickly if I’m not getting enough sleep.
  2. Mental engagement is important. Running sucks when you don’t like running. It’s a lot better if you can at least feel like you’re mentally engaged. Whether it’s blogging, reading running articles, or just keeping in touch with friends who run, it’s nice to have something to like about running even if you don’t actually like running.
  3. Cross training is the bomb diggity. Running burns calories like nothing else I do. It also makes me feel like I’ve been in a car wreck. Yoga helps prevent the car wreck. And lifting shows results more quickly than anything else. All together, they make me the most awesome human I can be.
  4. Food is life. I love food, but I gain a new appreciation for it when I’m upping my workouts. If I don’t eat enough, I can’t function. If I eat too much, I also can’t function. If I’m eating like crap, I feel like crap. I’ve been much more meticulous in how I’ve approached my relationship with food these past few months because of that. I may not be losing weight, but the man in the mirror looks a lot better for the process.
  5. Process always has to outweigh progress. Progress can get sidetracked by any number of things, but if you have a process you believe in, you’ve got a much better chance of surviving in the long run. On the same note, always revisit the process to make sure it fits what you want. This super awesome year has been a work in progress and will be until I get that 12th 5K done.
  6. Make friends. Scratch that. Make good friends. Make friends with people who will be supportive of what you’re doing. When things are good, everyone will be there for you. Look for people who will see you fail and will pick you up. And watch out for the assholes who are looking to tear you down as soon as you fail. You know they’re there. There’s no reason to put up with them voluntarily. Let them be assholes and hope they get the diabeetus.

  1. And if nothing else, just keep going. Every little thing you do is worth more than doing nothing.

That’s all I got today. Gearing up for that second half and maybe even cracking that stupid 30-minute mark I should have crossed months ago.




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