An Early Review of the Clif Builder Bar

I have a problem.

I suppose we could just stop there and the people who know me can go, “yep.” But let’s be more specific.

I have a problem. When I work out, my appetite spikes and makes it almost impossible to eat within healthy limits. Fatty’s always a jerk, and he only gets worse when I’m active.

The problem is compounded when I lift.

This happens for two reasons. One, lifting just spikes my appetite more. For two days, I will want to eat every piece of food in sight. Probably just the nature of breaking down muscle more in lifting than running. Two, I lift in the morning versus running in the afternoon. After a run, I’m going to eat supper anyway, so it doesn’t really matter if I’m hungrier. I at least get some food.

With lifting and trying to control what I was eating, I was waiting until lunch to eat again. I have to eat before I lift, so that was breakfast. I would have a handful of peanuts, but that wasn’t doing the trick, and then I was bingeing at lunch (Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the bingeing and honestly don’t regret like the addict I am).

Finally, I decided to do something I’d been dodging for a while. I was going to eat a protein bar.

I’d always avoided them because I associate them with serious lifters. I’m not a serious anything related to fitness. I mean, I hate running and I still try to provide a comedic take on this non-trafficked blog. It just didn’t mesh with my self-image within the fitness realm. Seemed unnecessary.

But I couldn’t take the hunger. I had to try.

So I went looking for a protein bar. A friend recommended Quest bars, but they were only sold individually, and I’m stingy. I saw the Clif Builder’s bars and at least recognized the brand, even if I’m not sold on all it’s selling.

So that was a long way to get to the real story: the review of the bar.

I should go with why I bought the bar I bought. It was unadulterated chocolate. No peanut butter, no mint. Just chocolate. I’m a simple man with simple needs.

I also opted for a protein bar versus other types of bars because I knew what I needed. I didn’t need energy. I just needed to not feel like I was starving. The obscene amount of protein (20g) and fat (9g, 6g saturated) took care of that. I’m not a fan of the sugar content, but you can’t win them all.

The gluten-free (they don’t use those ingredients, but they still can’t guarantee it’s gluten free because of how they make them, whatever that means) and GMO-free claims are things I could care less about. There’s no evidence those are actually useful attributes, but they sell you that if you care to buy it.

This is partially why I’ve dodged Clif bars so long. Seemed like hippy food. I am not a hippy.

As I ate the bar, I was fearful. I didn’t know how I’d react to it. I’ve never eaten anything like it, and there are a lot of different nutrients in those suckers. I was sitting, waiting for something bad to occur, but all was well.

Of course, eating the bar was interesting. It’s not a big bar. It tastes fine. But I was also aware that I was eating dense food and it felt like it as I was consuming the matter. It’s not like eating potato chips. There was no absentmindedly eating this thing. It was a chore, honestly.

But it worked. I survived until lunch.

And things got weird.

In the afternoon, I was dealing with mixed feelings. There was part of me that wanted absolutely no part of food. That part was still being affected by the bar. There was also a part of me that still just wanted food. And I genuinely felt hungry in a way, not just absentmindedly wanting food.

It’s like eating an obnoxiously big meal and reaching your next meal, knowing you want to eat but also just being weighed down by the last meal.

I don’t know if the hunger was psychological or just me wanted more food to eat in earnest. I had all the nutrients I needed to get by, but a bar is not a meal.

But again, it worked. I got through the day without eating everything in sight. The only other snacks I had were a couple of handfuls of peanuts and a banana after supper.

All in all, we’ll call it a win. I also had a true Clif bar for the first time today just as a regular snack. I’m realizing those hippies do make good food, even if they are hippies.

That said, the Builder bar will never be a true snack. No part of that sounds healthy or like a good idea. Maybe I’ll give the protein bar a try after running just to see how it goes, but if nothing else, it works for lifting.




4 thoughts on “An Early Review of the Clif Builder Bar”

  1. I became recently very conscious (ok obsessed) with protein intake and long story short – yes make sure you have enough of it, and someone told me your body can only use about 25g at a time, so no use in buying into something with 41 grams cause you’re really not going to use it all unless you divide up your eating times. I’ve heard something similar about Vitamin C that like – after so many mg it doesn’t do much good. But hey I’m not a nutritionist either


    1. My problem is I wasn’t thinking about what I was eating at all. Makes sense on the intake business. It would be like eating all your daily calories in one meal and expecting that to go well.


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