Salad is a Sad Compromise

Every once in a while, a moment of inspiration strikes for a stupid joke that you can’t help yourself from running with. That moment happened today.

I was IM’ing with a friend (I feel like a teen in the year 2000), and I asked their opinion on a healthy lunch that wouldn’t leave me hungry an hour later and wasn’t a salad.

Their response? “Not a salad… hmm.”

To which I replied “Never a salad.”

Which was followed by the following:

  • Salad is a side dish
  • Salad is a sad compromise

Followed by even more along this line. I decided this was a good time to just fully go with this awful joke. So here is the rest of the list from that IM, plus a few more:

Ok, I think I’m done now. Feel free to use this for your own jokes. I know I will.


#ihaterunning and I’m not a fan of salads either.


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