The Most Awesome (Possibly) Fitness Songs Ever

For some stupid reason, I have had the Best of the Best song from Karate Kid stuck in my head. Well, I’m not one to let a good piece of momentum go to waste.

So with that, I decided to make a list.

And now presenting THE MOST AWESOME FITNESS SONGS EVER (for reals, though).

No. 1

We have to start here. If this is going to be the spark, then let’s let it lead the way. Of course, my favorite version of this song was from another source.

No. 2

When I was in high school, one of my teammates would always wait for this song to come on. Once it hit, that’s when he was going to do his biggest lifts in the weight room. I had weird friends.

No. 3

Don’t judge me bro ’cause:

No. 4

I think the real reason I included this video was so I could include this next video.

Of course, I was watching this when I was like 6 and totally did not understand who Jimmy Walker was. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand a good deal of the jokes on In Living Color.

No. 5

Fantastic song. Also has a fantastic video to pair with it. Seriously, go to YouTube and search for Wayne’s World. In the suggestions, first is Wayne’s World. Second is Wayne’s World Bohemian Rhapsody. I can’t remember the plot of the movie (again, I was like 6 when that came out, too), but I remember this sequence. Also, see if you can figure out who the two guys in the backseat are. They stuck around Hollywood better than most of the lead actors in the movie.

No. 6

There are two reasons for this song making the list. One, it’s a fantastic song. Two, I had class with a girl named Sheena once. I would always mentally start listening to this song when I saw her. She also ran a similar jogging route as me, so it will forever be associated with running, even though I’ve never listened to it while running.

No. 7

Ok, maybe now you can judge me.

No. 8

If for no other reason than this song shows up repeatedly when you look up the best workout songs.

For some reason, now all I hear is spaghetti.

No. 9

I think it’s important that we allow crossdressers to say they’re not gonna take it anymore. And Dave’s friend Chip agrees.

No. 10

There was no way I wasn’t including this classic from my childhood. The fact that I didn’t just include the entire Space Jam soundtrack as the entirety of this list is a clear indicator of my restraint. Seal, Coolio, R. Kelly, Chris Rock, B. Real, Busta, LL Cool J, Method Man, Monica, Salt-n-Pepa, Barry White, Jay Z, Spin Doctors, Biz Markie, Bugs Bunny. What you got on that?

In Conclusion

I have just given you the best workout song list ever. Just give up any hopes of beating this list. You probably started doing pushups despite yourself. I bet you already have the makings of a six pack just by listening to these songs. Just by reading this list, your cholesterol went down 10 points.




2 thoughts on “The Most Awesome (Possibly) Fitness Songs Ever”

  1. Except for NKOTB, this list is not nearly embarrassing enough. I’m rocking some Ke$ha, Tony Basil, the footloose themesong, I would have T.Swift if she wasn’t so rude about taking all her tunes off Spotify. I will concur with your eye of the tiger and eminem. Also – for queen – you need “don’t stop me now”. I figured if the guys from top gear voted it the best driving song ever, it could also make me run fast


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