Why am I doing this again?

Well sports fans, I’m halfway between my 8th and 9th 5Ks, so this seemed like a good time to talk about how much I’m enjoying this process…

Ah, who’m I kidding? I still hate running (you didn’t think I was going to change my tune now did you? Look at the title of the blog. I’m doubling down on this).

But for real, why did I decide this 5K business was a good idea? It’s a terrible idea. I run and for what?

A t-shirt? I have too many t-shirts already. I’ve got a grown-up job; I can’t be wearing t-shirts all the time, much less with 20 sponsors per shirt.

Some free food? I paid 25 bucks already. It doesn’t feel all that free for a banana, some Gatorade, and a bag of chips.

For camaraderie? I wear headphones so I WON’T have to have interact with the other runners.

For the exercise? I’ve got a gym membership and a yoga studio. Running might improve my cardio, but it’s yoga and lifting that make me into a more awesome-looking version of me.

For the accomplishment? I got a Ph.D. at 26. Yeah, I went there.

For new sights? I can take a vacation that doesn’t require dietary restrictions and mass consumption of fluids.

For the swag? I got more swag from the last hotel than I did from the 5K.

For the portapotties? I can live without that altogether, especially the mysterious blue liquid.

For the story? Yeah, it’s probably for the story.

Alright, see you all next post.




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