Quick Review of the New Kicks

Got to take the new kicks (Brooks Ghost 8) out for a spin yesterday, so I thought I’d update.

They seemed to work out pretty well. The only thing that was different in terms of how I felt afterward was my glutes being more sore than usual [insert joke here], but I won’t be able say if that was the shoe until I use them a couple of more times.

I definitely noticed having more room at my toes. Going up to 11.5 is a shift, so that’ll be an adjustment, especially as I switch between these, my Gylcerins, and my Adidas. The width was good, but I don’t know if I really noticed a true difference or not between them and the Gylcerins (the Adidas are naturally narrow, so they feel snug without having to get specifically sized as narrow).

In terms of the overall feel, I’m not sure if I like these quite as much as the Gylercins on the long run. From the reviews I’ve seen, the Ghosts don’t get rated quite as highly as the Glycerins (though they’re still rated well). They’re a heavier shoe compared to my Adidas, but they also feel a bit safer in the run.

Again, this is all just the first go. We’ll see what it looks like when I’m rotating them in more often. As of now, I’ll probably rotate between all three pairs so I don’t accidentally hurt myself by using the Ghosts too much before I’m used to them. And who knows, if this rotation works well, I may keep it up until the Glycerins need to be retired. Up until the last couple of runs with them, they have been great in terms of keeping me from feeling the run where I shouldn’t (feet, knees, etc.).

Stay classy, San Diego.



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