Idiot Runner’s Club – Repeat Offender

I hurt my foot.

Things I do so I MIGHT be able to run my #5K next week. #ihaterunning

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This is getting old.

The last time you heard from me, I was reviewing my new shoes. The next time I ran, I used an older pair (but still in good shape). Everything seemed fine, then my foot hurt the next morning. And I don’t even know what happened.

Did I mention I have a 5K in 6 days?

Yep, if I run on Saturday, it will be about 3 weeks since my last run. I may or may not have done something similar leading up to a mud run in 2013 and then ran anyway. I made it through, but it was a monstrously stupid thing to do.

And I’ll probably do it again.

At least this time I’m trying to stay ahead of it. I’ve been icing my foot, massaging it with a tennis ball, and wearing workout shoes instead of work shoes to the office to minimize the pain.

All this, and I still might try to put 3.1 miles on my foot just because I set an arbitrary goal.

And again, this is nothing new (dealing incorrectly with pain, not the injury; the injury is a new one). I have a habit of having these aches and pains and running anyway. I’ve gotten slightly better as I’ve gotten older, but that’s not really saying anything.

I wrenched my back as a teenager and never said a word. It eventually got better, but I’ve dealt with issues ever since.

My knee has given me issues for years, and I didn’t get a medical opinion until a few weeks ago.

And now my feet have continued their rebellion.

Unfortunately, this one’s been a doozy. Hopefully it’s actually getting better, but I can’t be sure. There’s less pain, but I’m doing everything I can to avoid situations that cause pain to my foot, and it’s driving me insane.

I’ll give it a go tomorrow and see if the pain’s getting better appreciably. If not, back to real doctors to make sure it’s not something serious.

And long term, I think the only thing to do is drop weight. 190 pounds may not sound heavy, but it eats up my legs and feet when I run. 175-pound me didn’t mind running quite so much.

This probably isn’t helping:

Presentation sucks, but I think I'll keep the #sushi #chef. Of course, I am the chef.

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Or this:

Possibly edible

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Oh well. I’ve ordered another set of inserts for my new shoes. I have one in my original Brooks, and maybe that will help me in the new ones too.




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