Almost There

Almost there. 6.2 more miles and it's a wrap on the super awesome year of the #5k #ihaterunning #suckittrebek

A post shared by Quisto Settle (@applications_of_randomness) on

Only 6.2 more miles.

Only 10 more kilometers.

Only 2.07 more leagues (so basically, a league is a 5K? Good to know).

Only 1.054668329e-12 more light years.

Only 3.233627797e-13 more parsecs.

Only 49.6 more furlongs.

Only 496 more chains.

Only 5456 more fathoms.

Only 21824 more cubits.

Only 98208 more hands.

Only 3637.3 more reeds.

So freakin’ close.


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