That Cold November Rain – 11th 5K in the books

Oof. That’s 11.

One week after running a 5K I probably shouldn’t have run, I ran another. At least now I get at least a month before my next one. Maybe my foot will start liking me again. Of course, this has all led to me buying another set of insoles for my new running shoes (same as the insoles I use for my old Brooks), as well as two sets of insoles for my work shoes just to see if I can get the pain to stop.

And now I’m mostly making sad, whimpering noises. My foot is a little achy but nothing bad. Unfortunately, I haven’t been running much the past month, so my body thinks it’s being tortured.

But I digress.

I don’t even know my time other than it was 31 minutes and something. Hopefully the times will be posted. I was too exhausted going across the line.

I also got a little distracted. I should be used to this by now, but my shirt got a comment as I was going approaching the finish, and it was enough to distract me.

I might be dreading this, but Mr. Duck ain't worried 'bout no rain.

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Of course, the real story is the weather. All week the forecast has been ranging from 100% to 65% chance of rain. The 100% was on the money.

Guess it's probably not going to clear. #ihaterunning

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When I was there, some folks who were at the center for something else asked what was a going on. Told them it was a 5K. They said it was too bad they’d have to cancel it because of the rain… Told them it won’t get canceled for rain. Then got an “Oh.” I also made small talk with a cop who was helping out. I said I hope they got rain ponchos. He said they did (turns out, they never stepped foot outside of their cars, except the guy who was at the finish line). He gave a kudos for us running in the rain. I said we’d already paid, so there ya go. 

Luckily, it really wasn’t bad. It was consistent, but it wasn’t heavy. Just enough for me to have to tweak my gear. I couldn’t run with music, and I had to add a long-sleeve shirt to help keep warm.

31 something. #ihaterunning #5k #suckittrebek

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Honestly, it wasn’t the worst conditions for a 5K I’ve had this year. I thought the rain would do the trick, but the first 5K was the worst. My toes felt numb the first 15 minutes of that one. This one wasn’t too bad, just wet.

It was also a relatively flat course. There were no hills, just one long slow climb. I haven’t had a 5K that was this flat since the first one, which was flatter than a table top.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do much with it. My conditioning’s been crap for months. My time dropped from last week, but that’s not really saying much for a course like this. This was one of the few times I didn’t have at least 10 flights of stairs ring up on my Fitbit during a race.

The rain really was the X factor in all of this. It messed with a lot of the setup and exacerbated one my qualms with the race.

To start, it was at a facility that was actually well equipped to host the event. Except for the rain forcing everyone into a small room that shouldn’t house 40-50 people. I could honestly barely hear the person acting as host (and they had to be corrected several times when they were trying to tell us what streets we were running on).

After this, we were heading for the start line, which was nowhere near where we were.

I was close to the door and had to sit and watch as people milled out and no one seemed to know where to go. Unfortunately, the people working the event didn’t seem keen on helping out. Nice people, but they weren’t fantastic in the race organization part.

We ended up walking around the main building and along a road, only to figure out had we walked the other way around the building, we would have easily halved the distance. That might seem trivial, but it was raining, and we were already cutting it close on the start time. Then we got to where everything was set up, tents, refreshments, and timer.

And then we find out that’s not the start line. We start walking to a start line that we have no idea where is, and the person leading us is in no hurry whatsoever to get there. I would have laughed had I not been getting rained on while I was going somewhere that I didn’t know exactly where was.

We finally got to the line, and then we started.

At this point, it’s a generic 5K. I can’t really tell you much that’s useful.

I trailed a dude who looked to be in his 70s (possibly late 60s) for a few minutes. And then he started pulling away from me.

That was a little demoralizing, but power to the old dude. I’m guessing he also ran the whole thing. I did no such thing.

I did however run for a bit more than 10 minutes. I think that was more than last week. I honestly have no idea.

After that, I was yo-yoing with other runners. There were three pairs of runners and another individual or two that we all stayed within each other’s walking/running range.

I will say it’s always interesting/obnoxious to run with kids at these events. At the start, they have no long-term plan. They just bolt. And some of them can actually pull it off. Others die out a half mile in, and then play the sprint/walk game the rest of the run.

The other runners seemed to be mostly parents, so they’re the slow and steady crowd. They probably laugh at me like I laugh at the kids.

I did see someone running in vibrams. Some people are just crazier than the rest of us.

The benefit of the rain is it probably kept a lot of people away. I think I had a decent shot of finishing top-3 in my age group (I also think I only saw one person who would have been in my age range). The downside of the organization is they weren’t even vaguely ready to hand out awards when I left more than half an hour after I finished.

Again, hopefully they’ll post the results so I can at least see if I would have had a medal to take home.

But, it’s done. I’m exhausted. And I want to rest.

Then we’re back at it to close out the Super Awesome Year of the 5K. I’ve got a couple more 5Ks I’m eyeballing in the spring (including a Disney event), but it’ll be nice to only run races I want to run, not have to actively seek out races.

But for now, party on Wayne.




4 thoughts on “That Cold November Rain – 11th 5K in the books”

    1. ok, turns out I like to exaggerate. Dude ran an 18-something. Still crazy to me, but not as crazy as 15/16 range (which I have seen). I’m going to retreat to my exaggeration corner and talk about the 12 inches it rained yesterday in 30-degree weather. (In the real world it was a light rain in 60-degree weather). I also like to envision someone from any other country in the world temporarily freaking out over 60-degree Celsius before they realize it’s Fahrenheit.

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  1. Last week there was a 15-min finisher (he was back this week on a flat course, so I imagine it was similar). Someone in th 10k last week was 32 or 33 minutes. There are a few of these, but not many. Mostly it’s the 25-30 minute crowd. But most of the races have had someone hit 18 or better. The exception may have been one or two races that were in small towns attached to festivals.

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