Of course this would happen

I went to the doctor today and everything was ok.

Ok, I should back up.

About six weeks ago, I hurt my foot and still don’t know how. I got new shoes, ran in them and was fine. The next run, I wore an older (but not old) pair, and the next day my foot hurt.

I rested it, iced it, ibuprofened it, and it just didn’t get better.

Then I ran 5Ks back-to-back weeks.

That didn’t help, but it didn’t seem to hurt things. My foot felt the same.

It was a pain in the bottom of my foot. A google search said it probably was either a neuroma or metatarsalgia.

Due to timing issues (and stupidly doing 5Ks), I wasn’t able to get into a doctor’s office until 3 days ago. I asked to see a specialist because that foot’s been causing me issues for almost 3 years, and that appointment happened today.

After 6 weeks of daily foot pain, including sharp pain on Saturday and clear pain from the exam on Monday, my foot didn’t hurt. And there was nothing I could do to trigger the pain.


And so I was going to my appointment with the specialist with no active symptom.

After 30 minutes in an icy waiting room and 10 minutes in an exam room, the doctor was present for less than 5 minutes, and I had an answer.

He poked and prodded. He pushed and pulled. No pain. Everything moved like it should.

And the diagnosis? Metatarsalgia from a bone bruise. Probably.

I got told if the pain came back to go straight to them and if nothing else, I had a baseline from today.

So yeah, six weeks of pain, finally see a specialist, and the pain is gone.

Until later today when it started to ache again.

I hate my foot and #ihaterunning.



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