8 Reasons Why I Should Get My Own Docuseries

First things first, I probably wouldn’t actually want to do this, but why should that stop me trying to argue for it?

The second thing is even if I wanted it, I can’t imagine people would want to watch it unless I was a LOT more introspective on camera than I’m naturally inclined to be.

Third, this is the closest I think I’m getting to a docuseries. But without further ado, THE LIST:

Low-Budget Affair

Let’s face facts, the entertainment business is still a business. And a docuseries would have cost inputs.

Turns out, I’m cheap.

For that rogue, independent documentary filmmaker out there, look no further. I won’t make your costs skyrocket. I will expect a cut of sales and merchandising, though.

Let’s Educate People

As much as these types of things are about education, they should also be about educating people, and that’s kind of my thing.

I’m a faculty member. In fact, one of the classes I teach is about planned change. We focus on organizations and communities, but all changes have to occur at the individual level, and I’d happily treat this as a case study. I’m actually having my students do a similar project for class.

Basically, I’m not just going to do whatever and hope for the best. I’ll approach these changes methodically (picking them, in fact, was already a pretty methodical process).

No One Like Me’s on TV

Weird is the new cool, at least that’s what me and the other 12 people who watch Community thought. And who’s the weird dude trying to improve his health marginally?

That’s a market, folks. You can’t just do the same old, same old. You can’t keep doing Kardashian-related shows (at least 8 have come out that I could find quickly on Wikipedia). You need something new. I’m new. Maybe that’s for a reason, but I’d definitely be new.

We Need Non-Extreme Changes

This is not an extreme makeover. This isn’t a big weight loss challenge. This isn’t someone who’s taken breaks from reality.

This would just be a regular (ok, I’m weird, but health-wise, I’m regular) guy trying to make a series of small steps to improve his day-to-day life.

I’m not trying to lose 100 pounds. I’m trying to make sure I can tie my shoes without my back aching.

I’m not going vegan. I’m just trying to be more mindful of what I’m eating.

I’m not trekking to Tibet to study with monks, I’m just working on me a little bit.

In other words, this is relatable. There’s something to be said for being relatable. Some people want to watch MTV Cribs and some people want to watch the more normal examples on HGTV.

I’m Trying to Make Good Health Decisions in a State Not Known for Good Health Decisions

I live in Mississippi. In all the health-related charts, Mississippi is the one that lights up the most across all those bad indicators. And living here for a year and a half now, I can tell you making good decisions isn’t as easy as it was in north central Florida.

It’s a different culture. And sometimes it needs a positive light on the ways you can be successful health-wise in the state. Maybe I can help be a part of the solution.

It’s a Well-Rounded Project

Unlike most health kicks (including my own this year), this project approaches multiple aspects of health. It tackles physical activity. It tackles mental health. It tackles the food on your plate.

How often do you really see that?

Even Biggest Loser seems to only address diet and exercise. Sure, some of it’s psychological, but it’s never seemed like a true part of the show.

I’m going after as wide of a range of things as I can manage. I’m making a concerted effort to ensure that I don’t leave the year with a pair of 6-pack abs and a burnt-out mind. In other words, I tried to stay balanced and realistic.

You Know You Want to See It

This is going to be an awesome train wreck. I have a month of no refined grains. Do you know how hard it is to COMPLETELY dodge refined grains? I’m basically not going to be able to eat pizza for a month. I have pizza at least once a week. And I pretty much can’t eat out. Few places would give me the option to go without refined grains without being the jerk who orders the burger without the bun.

At the End of the Day

How can we make this happen, people? I feel like I’d make an excellent PBS series that airs once a year at 3 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, and I need you to make this happen. Call you congressman. Call you cousin Edith who went to community college for a semester to take a film class. Call Ryan Seacreast.

Or just keep reading. I’m sure my voice is better in print than on the TV.



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