The Super Awesome Year of Me Has Official Begun

That's 1. 365 to go. #superawesomeyearofme

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Well, I guess this blog has officially transitioned from a running blog to something more of a fitness (sort of) blog. Today was the first day of the Super Awesome Year of Me (a name tweak was done for branding purposes; everyone can join the Super Awesome Year of Me because it then becomes your super awesome year, but joining the Super Awesome Year of the Q seemed more restrictive. Gotta think big).

But thinking big begins small. The Super Awesome Year of Me will be daily grind, and today was the first. Non-workdays are going to be rough for this first month. I put in about 2,000 to 4,000 steps on those days typically. I actually walked around for about an hour and half this morning just to get close to 10,000. I didn’t actually hit 10,000 ’til the evening.

Did I mention it was cold?

I had the bright idea that I would do what I do for running: dress for slightly warmer weather expecting to warm up.

But walking isn’t running. After my first 30 minutes, I slipped into a building to warm up for 10-15 minutes before heading back outside.

I must have looked like a nut just wandering around aimlessly in a hoodie, looking a lot like a criminal sketch.

The bright side was getting to figure out how to keep my podcast habit going. I wasn’t a podcast person until a 920 mile drive gave the impetus to download some just to see if they helped time pass. They did, and now I want to continue the stories.

Today I was listening to Harmontown and smiling almost the entire time (it is an entirely ridiculous show), and I’ve got some shorter ones that will be good for walk breaks when those happen during workdays.

But that’s 10,000 steps. Now just 30 more days and 300,000 more steps to go.

It’s going to be a long year. Better than a quick one, though.




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