Closing Out Week 1 in the Super Awesome Year of Me


Phew. It has been a serious week kicking off the Super Awesome Year of Me.

On the bright side, the Disney by Thomas Kinkade calendar is all checkmarks. One the less bright side, getting there has been a pain in the bottom end.

10,000 steps a day doesn’t sound that bad. Lot’s of people do much more. In fact, this is just the minimum recommended for a basic level of health. Shouldn’t be that bad, right? Ha.

Turns out there are ways for this to get complicated.

The first was the cold I came back from Christmas vacation with. It hinted itself on the 30th, and then kicked in on the 31st. And then I had to start walking. Those first couple of days were brutal because the first complication combined with the second.

Turns out it gets cold in January, which is the second. It hasn’t even been that cold. I just had to walk in the low 40s the first day, and then high 40s the second. 5 years in Florida ruined my ability to properly tolerate winter, or I’m just getting old.

Once the week got rolling, things were a bit easier. I could work walks into my day that are scientifically proven to boost productivity (I’m not citing studies because I don’t know what they are, but it seems like a legit claim, so I’m rolling with it). Of course, this assumes I don’t hit snafus. A few days, I got up late from dealing with the cold and after-cold fatigue (I’ve been generally well since Tuesday). That meant I got into work later, making it less plausible to justify a mid-morning walk. Another day, I tried to help a neighbor jump-start a car, and then had to park closer to my office to make up the lost time.

One day I was 1,500 steps short when I got home. It took a lot of pacing, and then 500 short, quick cheating steps. Maybe that day should have an asterisk next to the checkmark.

I also appear to be hurting my foot. I’m having issues with all of my shoes and finding something that doesn’t hurt. I may just have bruised something. Hopefully it gets better on its own. If not, well we’ll get there when we get there.

The best was the day I forgot my Fitbit, you know the thing that actually allows me to count steps.

Luckily I had a backup device.

#fitbit? I don't need no stinkin' fitbit. #superawesomeyearofme #10ksteps

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iPhone’s have the ability to track steps, but I don’t like to carry mine on me all the time. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ironically, this was the best day for me integrating walking into my routine. I just had to count it in the wrong app. This lead to a weird issue with my Fitbit app.


It looks like I died yesterday, and then awoke as a zombie corpse to walk 10,000 steps. Prior to this, my best was 3 days in a row with 10K steps, so I had already crushed that. It’s going to disappoint me if I bat 1.000 for January but I have this one blemish on the Fitbit app. Oh well. Lucky I have a calendar.

But there was good in this week. If I do the things I’m supposed to, I can hit 10K pretty easily. It just involves parking farther away for the first walk, a mid-morning walk, a walk to wherever I’m eating lunch, a mid-afternoon walk, and then the walk back to the car.

That last one actually got interesting on the day I had to park close. I ended up turning a 2-minute walk into a 15-minute walk by taking the long way just to get the steps in.

Of course, I’ve only had one perfect day. Otherwise, I was depending on something extra. Usually extra walking at home, but today I had a run, so that was an boost that wasn’t a complete annoyance (though it was annoying to run for the first time in a month and the first time that wasn’t a 5K in 6 weeks).

So yeah. The Super Awesome Year of Me is off to a good start, but we’ll see what happens if the other shoe drops.




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