End of January in the Super Awesome Year of Me & First Few Days With the New Tracker

Well, we’ve wrapped up the first month of the Super Awesome Year of Me, which also marks the end of my Fitbit use. We’ll cover the month first, and then we’ll deal with the tracker debate.

23 for 31. That'll do pig. That'll do.

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The month didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped. I also hadn’t realized walking 10,000 steps would be that difficult. Especially when it’s snowing.

But hey, it was mostly successful. And I definitely got in more steps than any other month since I started wearing Fitbits. I averaged 9,700 steps, which excludes 10,000 on the day I left my Fitbit behind. 8,800 was my previous best for a month.

The real trick will be trying to keep up the habit of walking more when there’s no looming X in sight. My head stayed clearer during the day when I got up and walked. Not to mention however many more calories I was burning.

Actually, I just looked. Turns out I wasn’t burning that many more. I’ve burned more in earlier months.

But a fringe benefit is I learned new information. I listened to a LOT of podcasts. NerdistTED Talks, and 99% Invisible were my favorites, and I also learned about Gastropod and Imaginary Worlds.

Got to get ready for the next year’s Jeopardy tryouts.

Next month should be easier (though more obnoxious).

No sodas.

Not a drop.

Not a single drop.

Not a single effing drop.

I may be working through some things now.

And onto the fitness trackers.

After having my Fitbits break down repeatedly less than a year in, I had to say goodbye to the brand. Love everything else about them, but coming apart at the seams is kind of a deal breaker.

So I went looking for a new fitness boo. And then I rubbed my Fitbit’s nose in it.

That awkward moment your ex runs into the new flame. #fitbit #withings

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Because I read a review that said Withings was more conservative on its steps than the Fitbit, I opted to keep the Fitbit on through the month. And because I’m a child, I didn’t want my new toy to not be used, so I wore both. Not like the picture. They’re on separate wrists. I swear.

I’ve learned a few things.

First the good. It actually looks like a watch. That’s the bomb, yo. It doesn’t log the same amount of data, and only steps on its display, so there’s less OCDish tendencies making me check steps, stairs, calories, etc. And it’s waterproof. I can swim with it. I won’t. But I can. This makes me less afraid in the rain or around sinks.

And the bad. It’s a MUCH more conservative step estimate. There’s been at least 1,000 steps difference between the two devices. I don’t know which is actually more accurate, but my poor self-esteem likes the easier option.

It’s also not as comfortable to wear. I like to wear watches a bit loose, but that doesn’t fly with the new tracker. It starts to roll and then lodges sideways on my wrist and gets stuck. So I have to wear it tight. And that’s not fun. I’ll actually have to rotate the wrists I wear it on. I can feel my wrist take a gasp each time I take the band off.

But we’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work, I think I’m done with trackers. Either way, I think I might invest in a running watch. Or not. I don’t know. I’m just hear for page views. The sweet page views.




5 thoughts on “End of January in the Super Awesome Year of Me & First Few Days With the New Tracker”

  1. Any tips for keeping steps up during the winter time? Did you find an indoor place to go walk or just suffer through the cold?


    1. I just walked outside mostly (with the exception of one day that I took an unnecessary lap of Walmart just to get extra steps in the heat). What made it bearable was taking short walks during the workday. I could suffer through 15-20 minutes if I needed to. I have it easier than most. I live in the South, so it gets cold, but it can also get warm. The coldest I had to put up with was 30s during the day. Mostly it was 40s. My last day was in the 70s, though.


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