Reflecting on Life Without Sodas: The Caffeine-free Purgatory

Now seems as good as any to reflect on the February goal of no sodas.

This is a very different goal than January’s 10K steps (and stupid Buzzfeed stealing from me; ok, maybe not, but I did it first). Where last month was an extra action I was taking, this goal is a non-action. In some ways this is easier, but I’m not sure if it’s actually better (it’s health, but I don’t know if it’s a better TYPE of goal).

I don’t have to constantly check in throughout the day to ensure I’m making progress. I don’t have to take any extra actions. I just do nothing. I could literally do nothing and achieve my goal. So it’s a bit weird.

And that makes me wonder if it’s not quite as good of a goal to have set. For the most part, all of my other goals require me to actively do something. This goal might be as important for my health (or even more so) than others, but this one doesn’t require the same amount of mental energy. Once I got past the caffeine withdrawal, this is a pretty well-oiled machine. I still look longingly at Cokes.

But I don’t need to take any real actions. It’s just getting through my day and not actively making a bad decision. The rest of this year will be spent trying to actively make good decisions.

Enough of that, though. Let’s talk about purgatory.

This is the one downside for me beyond missing the oh-so-tasty sodas.

I go through this haze of a day because I’m used to the accompanying spikes in energy and concentration from my Coke habit (which still isn’t as bad as a coke habit), and then dealing with the following lull.

Now there’s none of that. I just pass through my day like a zombie. Much like R, I’m aware of the world around me, but I’m not all that actively engaged in it.

But hey, we’re at day 10, and I haven’t touched a drop. I haven’t even picking up things like lemonade as a substitute. This is how we do.




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