Need Running Shoe Recommendations

This is less blog post than SOS.

I’m in the market for another pair of running shoes. My replacements ended up replacing the wrong pair due to the foot issues. So now I’m using the new pair of Brooks and the old pair of Brooks that was supposed to be retired. The issue is I’m not a lightweight runner, so I need at least some cushion. And because of the foot ailment, I need to make sure the forefoot is cushioned well (this is why my Adidas have stayed dormant since October). Despite being a heel striker, I’ve never actually dealt with issues from that.

Any recommendations? I want to have ideas in mind before I walk in the store.

You are all wonderful people who can make any suggestions. For those who read and have nothing, I bet you thought the Daredevil movie was better than the show, you boors.


3 thoughts on “Need Running Shoe Recommendations”

  1. Have you ever tried Hokas? Not my cup of tea but I have a coworker that had a heavy heel strike and it’s his shoe of choice. I feel pretty loyal to my Mizunos- any of the wave series has that the wave plate for stability but are also very cushioned. Runners world also has a spring 2016 shoe guide out now. And you an always try their shoe finder to guide you in a general direction.


    1. I tried on Hokas once, and did not feel remotely comfortable. They have a smaller line out now, so that might make me less scared. I checked out the shoe guide but fit is my big deal. I may just be in whiner mode at the moment, though, since I’m replacing shoes when I thought I’d have another year of my two pairs bought within 12 months of each other.

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