Return to the Rain: Going Low-Tech

Now a real post after a non-post yesterday. I’ve been jonesing for a run (like an addict, not like someone who actually enjoys running; there’s a difference), but rain was in the forecast today. But it was light. And you know what that means.

I ditched my phone and I don’t wear my new fitness tracker to run (just want to track daily movements with it; pretty sure when I’m running I’m getting plenty of work in), so I was low-tech for the first time in a long time (probably the last time I ran in the rain, though maybe the first time since 2013 without anything digital on me). It was nice. I got to go completely by effort. No music putting in a false beat to hit. No zombies in my ear. No timer on my wrist telling me how long I was running. Just going on effort.

I’ve been mulling going back to low-tech running for a while now. I’ve wondered if I was doing myself more harm than good with all the gadgetry. I forfeit data this way, but I also feel less likely to overexert myself or convince myself I’m doing bad in the middle of a run when that can clearly wait until after the run.

Using Mapmyrun, I found afterward I went 2.8, so it was about the same distance I’ve been covering with technology, but I feel like I got more of it in running. And of course, it’s nice to run in a light rain. It’s a cleansing experience. I recommend it for anyone if the conditions aren’t dangerous. In my bright yellow shirt in 60-degree weather, this was about as good as it gets.

But there is a downside. I ran in my old Brooks so I wouldn’t have to waterlog my new shoes. I don’t regret that, but I’m definitely feeling these shoes more than I should and have been for a few months (hence trying to replace them in October). And sure enough, after the run, my right foot (re: the foot that HAS NOT been causing me problems the past few months) started hurting. I’m retiring the Glycerins now. I may give the Adidas another go, but I don’t have high hopes (and I don’t want another setback). I’m back to just one pair it looks like (Brooks Ghosts, for the record), but I knew I was in the market for another fitting (see yesterday’s non-post).

Hopefully I can find something I like. When I went on the Runner’s World shoe finder (shoutout to Teresa for pointing that way), I found something that at least sounds like something I would like: the Saucony Kinvara line. I plugged in what I was looking for instead of using the shoe advisor. They’re soft and they’re flexible. When I think of a good running shoe, that’s what comes to mind for me, but they tend to send me out the door with relatively bulkier shoes. I don’t know that my next pair will be these, but I really want to get back to light, cushy shoes. So maybe I can at least convince the clerks to let me try a pair. My Glyercins had a good life, but they were never 100% where I wanted to go.

But that’s a post for another day.


PS, I had a soda today. That’s 3 days I’ve fallen off the wagon out of 7. After strolling through the first two weeks, I’ve hit a wall. A tired, decaffeinated wall that needed a fix. Oh well, what’s tomorrow for if not atoning for today’s mistakes?

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