Stir-Fry Tofu: An (Almost) Vegan Affair

Not too long ago, I ran across an infographic that was about doing your own stir-fry, instead of the typical one-size-fits-all recipe.

Stir-fry is awesome for me. It’s one of the only ways I’ll eat my vegetables, and it something that tends to sit well for a couple of days.

While I’ve found recipes I liked, I wanted a bit more flexibility in my cooking. And then I’ve cooked basically the same thing every time from the infographic: sweet and sour shrimp.

I’ve always used the sauce the way they say to make it, and then I just toss some things in to skillet and hope for the best. Usually shrimp, green onions, and mushrooms.

This past week I went rogue and added broccoli and pineapple to the mix, but the real change was the protein source. I swapped in tofu (extra firm) for the shrimp. I’ve cooked with tofu before, but I’ve never used it for stir fry.

At the end of it, I realized that I only had plants on my plate (including the brown rice). And then I realized there were no animal byproducts and I’d just inadvertently made a vegan-friendly meal… until I remembered there was chicken bouillon in the sauce.

“Is this vegan?”

“What, this? Oh yeah. No animals were harmed to fulfill any of the items on the plate. Well, except the chickens I used to flavor the sauce. So I didn’t actually eat the chicken. I just used them for broth.”

As you can tell, I am neither vegetarian nor vegan. But hey, the meal turned out alright, and I’ve put more thought into working with tofu in the future so it tastes a bit better.

If you want stir-fry options for mixing and matching, follow the link earlier in the article to the infographic. It’s not going to turn you into a star chef, but you will at least have a better idea of making edible, healthy food.





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