Recap Week 1 of #Drawsomething

I’ve got to keep this one quick because I put in 4 miles today and that about did me in.

It’s hardly fitness related, but I wanted to give a recap for the first week of my draw something month. This is the first of the mental wellness months.

There aren’t many parameters for this month, which will make things easier. And we all know my preference for making things unnecessarily difficult. I didn’t say I had to draw for X number of minutes or that it had to have certain attributes, just that I had to draw something.

I have sneaking suspicion one of these days will end up being a sketch on a napkin, but at least I know I’ll have drawn something.

This month was never explained. In my original explanation of goals, this wasn’t there. Drawing is something I’ve always enjoyed even though it’s never been something I was good at. I think there are some residual issues with not being able to draw intricate suits of armor without actually being instructed on how to do it (thank you 4th grade art teacher), not to mention getting in trouble for using unconventional colors for leaves and such (thank you kindergarten teacher).

Either way, I’ve been doodling for years, even if I was never going to impress people with it.

I’m realizing I’ve got stories and this post is getting longer. My bad, yo.

Doodling has always been a way for me to pass time in class (especially when pulling out a book to read would get me in trouble during a lecture). I don’t sit still well, and I have trouble paying attention if I don’t keep busy, so doodling solved that problem (mostly).

Sometimes I was just shading in the empty spaces of letters like O, A, and B. Other times I was bridging slides on the PowerPoint handouts. And other times, I was drawing something.

Of course, drawing occasionally went too far. The high school backpack survived through college, which meant some supplies never left the bag. A set color pencils was in the bag. One day in my biochem class, I started drawing a beach during a sunset. There was a palm tree, a house, everything a quiet little beachfront needs. Did I mention I sat near the front of the room?

But I digress.

I wanted to draw something because I knew it would clear my head. I actually bought some niceish supplies, including a good color pencil set and a set of sketching pencils and a couple of graphite sticks. It’s been fun. I’ve been using them lightly the past couple of months and more heavily the past few days. I’m starting to get better about using them and knowing which tool to pick up for which task.

There has been one hazard when I’m working with graphite. I drag my hand on the paper, so when I’ve filled in spots, I end up smudging it a lot of the time. I’ve got to get better about just picking up my hand.

But without further ado, week 1:



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