Quick Review of the New Asics

This won’t be extensive, but I took the new kicks out for a 3-mile outing today. They felt comfortable. Because of the insert, I notice them more at the beginning than I’d like, but they seemed to hold up nicely through the run.

I didn’t have any trouble with them that I could tell. My post-run aches and pains are the same post-run aches and pains I’m used to. I also foolishly didn’t foam roll afterward (and I didn’t after my last run either), so I’m paying the price for those choices, but so far so good with the new shoes.

In terms of feel, they’re relatively comfy for me, so that’s a plus. I’ll be back in my Brooks next time to avoid any overuse injuries in new shoes, so I’ll have a better marker then. And it’s always fun to switch back and forth to see what will happen.

These are the heaviest running shoes I’ve ever bought (and that’s saying something when I had the old Glycerins before they got the weight down on them), but I didn’t notice the weight during the run. For the first go, they felt lighter than my Brooks, though I know objectively they aren’t.

Based on the Runner’s World reviews of all 4 of my running shoes I’ve bought, turns out I’m liking less stability features (with added inserts), so that’s something I may keep an eye on.

Beyond that, the long term plan is to being cycling these two pairs and seeing which one will be best for races (and by races, I mean my same running just with a bunch of underdressed strangers around me). I liked knowing my Adidas were my race shoe last year, so I want to figure that out for my upcoming runs.

Speaking of the Adidas, they’re still in good shape, so once my foot stops giving me issues, I’ll try to work them back into the fray. Hopefully they’ll hold up and I’ll have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to running shoes. But right now, I’m still not brave enough to put them back on, sticking to my safer options for the time being.

So onward and upward. I’m trying to push my mileage up, but my body doesn’t appreciate me going past 3 miles, so we’re going to have to figure that out sooner than later or the May 10K might kill me and not in a good way.



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