Recap of Week 2 of #drawsomething

Week 2 recently came to a close for the ever-obnoxious Draw Something month. Here are the results:

Just to talk briefly about them, none of them were terribly well thought out. The rest won’t either, probably. My favorite is the beach, but that’s not an uncommon fallback drawing for me when I’m bored in a meeting. That said, the monkey is new, and the monkey makes the picture. The Single and Ready to Awkwardly Mingle was my first foray into a comic-type drawing. I might return to that if I have a good joke to tell. And the other one of note is the astronaut. I’d watched The Martian that day, so I decided to take an old school shot standing on the red planet. Other than that, you can see I’m not great at drawing faces. The best face in the bunch is one with the most missing pieces.

But it’s getting late (well, now it is; I have this post set to auto-post since I wrote two posts back-to-back), and I need to get day 15 drawn.

Adios, compadres.



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