Closing Out March

I don’t do a good job of celebrating accomplishments. Because of injuries and fatigue, when I hit the end of The Super Awesome Year of the 5K, I didn’t so much celebrate as much as I just collapsed in relief.

As I’ve been upping my mileage to prep for a 10K, it’s been easy to get down on my runs. I never run as long as I’m supposed to. I never make it as far as I’m supposed to. Even if I do run as long or as far as I’d like, I had to run too slow to make it happen.

You see how it can go.

But that’s why we have data. Data shows us something we can’t see in an individual run. While I haven’t been setting any land speed records, I have been slowly upping my overall mileage.

A lot.

March came close to doubling my best month. I might not be getting as much out of my runs as I’d like, I am regularly hitting 3 miles, which is important as I get ready to start reaching for 4, 5, and 6 miles.

I’m going to ice my legs now.


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