What I’m (Probably) Eating in April

Well, no more of this for a month. #norefinedgrains #superawesomeyearofme

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Ok, reality is setting in. I need to start getting more specific with my food options. I usually eat out at lunch, and I’m also losing most of my frozen options (what isn’t breaded almost certainly has corn starch hiding in its sauce). I’m going to have to cook A LOT more food than I’m used to.

So we’ll plan. I actually started today. My university did a work/life balance session on food prep. I was expecting more honestly, but I did get a burrito bowl recipe (yes, I realize they’re not complicated, but I’m not as creative of a cook as I am a fibber when it comes to my athletic prowess). I also realized this was going to be as good a chance as any to give quinoa a try when I get sick of rice. And I think I might finally be remembering how to say quinoa.

Let’s start with the newest addition: the burrito bowl. I’m actually starting to realize that maybe I would have liked these all along. I always hold a grudge against healthier options of food I eat simply because they’re healthier, but today’s demo actually tasted pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. And if I get sick of these, I can still buy whole wheat tortillas. This bad boy features beans, spinach, chicken, corn, and rice, along with seasonings and spices. This one will actually make repeat performances in my fiber (hello frijoles) and green veggie (hello spinach) months. It’s a good all around performer, and I can give the quinoa a try if I do this more than once.

Another certainty is red beans and rice. The eponymous red beans and rice will be present, as will sausage, tomato sauce, jalapeño, onion, and green onion. I’ve actually not been cooking this when I wanted to the past 3 weeks because I knew I was going to have to lean on it for at least one batch (6 meals).

I’ve also got enchiladas (with whole corn tortillas), beans, and rice down. I think we’re starting to see a theme of beans and rice. And I actually just realized I’m already punting because my store-bought enchilada sauce has corn starch in it. Dammit. Now I’ve got to make my own.

Another surefire player will be spaghetti. I’ve been using whole grain pastas for quite a while, so this will at least help me survive a few meals.

I’m hoping I have a stir fry recipe that doesn’t require corn starch, but I don’t actually know one off the top of my head. That’s a little scary.

And of course, I have some starches that I can put as my sides that technically aren’t refined grains: potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn. If I can dodge sneaky corn starch, I should be ok.

But please, feel free to help a brother out. I don’t have a wide repertoire of meals without refined grains that don’t devolve into me eating a bunch of potatoes and sweet potatoes.


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