Kicking Off April: This Is Going to Be a Chore

I’m now through 3 days of April, and I’m hungry.

Very hungry.

Turns out, when you take out refined grains, you take away most of my ability to overeat and snack. I like snacking. I like overeating. And all that crap about fiber keeping you full? Yeah, my digestive system didn’t get the memo. Fatty’s starving.

But that’s mostly an inconvenience. The real problem is the consequence of having to eat so much: a lot of a dishes and a lot of groceries.

I went to the store on Friday hoping it would last me well into the next week. I cleared one set of meal prep by noon on Sunday, and I’m one-fourth through the other (and thinking about making it an even half before the night’s through). I have to go to the store again.

I may need to rethink my grocery-shopping habits now that frozen pizza’s no longer a viable option.

And those effing dishes. I’ve run my dishwasher twice this weekend, and my sink and drying tray are already both full. Between the oatmeal, enchiladas, and burrito bowl meals, I’m waltzing my way through clean dishes.

So the eating’s not the problem. The cooking’s not even a real problem yet. No, the problems are supply-based. I run out of food and clean dishes in half a heartbeat. And this might be my undoing. That or the pizza that will be in the office on Tuesday that EVERYONE in the department was emailed about. I got so excited about the pizza before my grad student said “You can’t have that.” I cannot convey to you how crushed I was. I don’t react as much when I hear about actual tragedies on the news. This is what I get for telling people about well-intentioned, pizza-less goals.

I’d better have a six-pack on May 1.


P.S. Here’s what I’ve been living off of the past few days, aside from a lot of sodas (which I swear were doctor’s orders):

  • Cheese enchiladas with creamy jalapeño dip as the sauce (you have no idea how good this tastes; I may do a post just on this one recipe), with Mexican brown rice, and refried beans.
  • Steel-cut oats with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
  • California roll with brown rice (so not nearly as good as the regular stuff, but it works).
  • Burrito bowl consisting of chicken, quinoa, black beans, corn, and spinach.

Starting #norefinedgrains off right. #superawesomeyearofme

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My burrito bowl can beat up your burrito bowl. #firethechef #norefinedgrains #superawesomeyearofme

A post shared by Quisto Settle (@applications_of_randomness) on

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