I JUST WANT PIZZA! Reviewing Week 1 of #norefinedgrains

I could stop here and just let you read the title. That about sums it up. I really just want a slice of pizza. I would cause harm to others for pizza.

But let’s get to the ins and outs. In a regular month, I spend maybe $200 on groceries. I cleared $110 in one week. I’m trying to find solace in that fact that I probably was making up the difference with eating out (I rarely bring in lunch for work, though I got a meal plan to keep costs down to about $6 per meal). That’s still a lot of groceries (which means a lot of cooking, a lot of dishes, and a lot of trash to take out).

It really hasn’t been that bad. The one good thing about eating so healthy is I feel self-righteous AF. I know that I’m not going to get vegan powers, but I feel like I should at least have a little hint of ESP from all this healthy crap I’m eating (maybe that’s why I didn’t get hit by that car today that came a foot from taking my legs out from under me; true story).

I mentioned the grocery bill. It wasn’t intentional. I’m too lazy to cook all the time, but I have exactly two options for eating on campus that have no refined grain options (that aren’t plain salads): Moe’s and Einstein Bros. While both of these eateries provide delightful options, even I can’t eat the same two places every day for a month. So I’m cooking. And I’m cooking.

The bright side is I’m expanding my cooking prowess. I’ve already posted about the burrito bowl, but yesterday I cooked up a fish and tomato mix based of this recipe. It wasn’t great, but it was edible. If I ever try it again, I’ll need to go easier on the onion, and I’ll probably swap the bell pepper for a jalapeño. I poured it over the last of my quinoa because I was too lazy to wait for the brown rice. Some people eat quinoa for the health benefits; I eat it because it cooks quickly. I’ve got a few more recipes off that site I’m going to try. We’ll see how it goes.

The other upper is that I’m continuing to drop weight. It’s hard to not lose weight when you take most of the good stuff off the menu. Binge-eating just isn’t the same with a bunch of whole grains and vegetables.

But there’s a curveball ahead.

I have a 5K and a wedding to attend that will derail things later this month. I’m going to have to eat away from home for a few days, so I know my streak this month is going to come to an end. The big thing is making sure I don’t just eat everything in sight. Or just binge on pizza. Pizza.

I’ll keep you kids posted. For now, just know that I’m hungry and obsessively reading ingredients lists for corn starch and flour (I’m looking at you, wasabi).


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