April Sucked: Closing Out the Month & Looking Forward to Pizza Again

This month didn't go so well. Today's fall? Modified food starch from my sip of Gatorade.

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I failed. I failed so many times. SO many times.

And here’s the trick: Turns out I failed more often than I’d thought. Gatorade and Powerade have modified food starch in them. I’m not sure what that hell that fully means, but if corn starch is forboden, then I’m thinking modified food starch is against the rules too. That means some check marks should include X’s (luckily I didn’t really drink that much Gatorade this month).

Oh, did I fail. I failed in so many different ways. I failed intentionally when I was just mentally done. I failed when I was traveling and it just wasn’t practical. I failed accidentally when corn starch snuck into my Sunny D. And I failed when I was (probably) malnourished. Seriously, two of my binge days left me still lighter than I was the day before.

I failed, but I kept trying. With all those failing days, I still dropped weight the first week and maintained it the rest of the month.

I failed, but I also learned some lessons for future food-based months. I have to be more careful than I realize. Turns out I might need more calories than I realized at first. Those malnourished days weren’t intentional. I wasn’t trying to tread a line. I was just trying to eat and then I realized I needed more than I was getting.

So yeah, I failed. But I didn’t fail every time. And now I can have pizza again.

See you next month during my never-ending asanas.



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