Run-up to the 10K (get it?)

My foot is still twingy. My legs are shot. My back hurts. And my respiratory system still isn’t fully recovered from my cold.

Did I mention I have a 10K coming up?

This won’t be terribly detailed, but I felt like it was as good a time as any for a pre-race progress report. After the 5K weekend, I got sick. That was a week of the cold, followed by a week of my sinuses being perpetually clogged. Once I thought I was in the clear, I was still dealing with drainage that likes to thicken and lodge in my throat. Oh what fun.

But I’m still here.

I’m four days into the Super Awesome Month of Yoga, and I haven’t missed yet (and there was a bonus yoga day at the end of April). This has had an interesting effect when you throw in that I covered 4 miles for the first time in more than a month yesterday. My body is basically rebelling at the moment.

But again, I’m still here.

I feel like the lead character in Angus yelling at James Van Der Beek at the end of the movie.

But yeah, I’m not doing terribly fantastic. April was a wash and derailed hopes of approaching a respectable 10K time. Luckily, I never set a time goal (you’ll note this was a trend last year as well). My goal is to make it to the end as quickly as I can get my 180 pounds to cover 10 kilometers.

In terms of actual race plan, I’m going to do something new: a prescribed run-walk cycle. Typically, I just run ’til I can’t, walk until I’m ok, and then start over. This leads to progressively shorter running cycles where I’m actually running faster each time. The plan, as of now, is to cycle running 3 minutes and walking 1 minute. It’s more walking than I’d like, but I’ve only crossed 4 miles once in this training cycle and I’ve never crossed 5 miles. Basically, I’m not setting myself up for success.

The yoga challenge has also thrown a wrench into the system. My weekend class left me sore because I’d had a long layoff period, which then made my run feel a lot like death, which then made me skip yoga class today (though I did do a light session out of a book). While I know this is good for me, the timing isn’t overly fantastic when you toss in the injuries, travel, and cold that April gave me.

But again, I’m still here.

I’m not (overly) injured. I have a plan to not overexert myself. And I’ve got you, whomever you are, amorphous blogger community.

As for the run-up to the actual race, I’m going to plug in one more long run and possibly a 2-miler. For the long-run, I’m going to do the run/walk cycle I’m planning for the race for 5 miles. And because I’m still doing yoga, I’ll probably do one more class, maybe two if timing works out alright, but I’ll otherwise have to stick to lighter sessions to save my legs.

This is terrifying. 5Ks are enough to eat my lunch, and now I’m doubling the distance under less than stellar circumstances. This will make a good story.


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