9 Days into the Month of Yoga (and closing in on the 10K)

Yesterday I put in 5 miles, and I’m 9 for 9 on the Super Awesome Month of Yoga. Let’s talk about the run first, mostly because I still can’t figure out how I did it without hurting myself (ok, well maybe I know how, but I still don’t really believe it).

Last week I put in 4 miles. It hurt so bad. Is there PTSD for running? Just kidding. PTSD isn’t funny. Unless you’re making a joke about it. I should probably stop while I’m behind.

But yeah, that 4 miles hurt, as did the days that followed. I was sore from yoga classes on Saturday and Monday, and running did not help. I tried to not overdo it, but I still probably did.

And in less than 2 weeks, I was going to have to cover 6.2 miles. Bleh.

I needed another long run if my body would cooperate. Then I did another strenuous yoga class and chased it the next morning with 5 miles.

Hey, it might have been a slow 5 miles, but it was 5 miles.

While 5 miles had been the goal in the immediate aftermath of the 4-mile run, the delayed aftermath of the 4-mile run had me rethinking my goals. At first, “I’ll try for 5 miles.” Then it was, “Ok, maybe I’ll just do 4.5.” Finally, I was hitting, “I’m still sore. Maybe I should just not run.” Luckily I started recuperating enough that I could at least put in some miles, and the morning of, I felt good enough to plug in 4.5 as my target on Zombies, Run!

Two things: 1) I really do enjoy typing Zombies, Run! 2) I have two running trackers going at the same time on my runs now because I’m leaning on the watch, but I still want to hear the Zombies, Run! (I wasn’t lying about enjoying typing it) app. Plus I paid for it already, so I might as well use it and listen to Mr. Yao guide me on the missions. For the record, the Garmin gives me more credit for distance than Zombies, Run! does.

My run had me doing something I was planning for the 10K but hadn’t actually tried yet: a prescribed run/walk cycle. I checked out the Jeff Galloway method that was my Star Wars Dark Side event guide. I was surprised at the number of different options, though none matched what I wanted to do: a 3-minute run, followed by a 1-minute walk. That said, my pace range would have been a 3:1 ratio of running to walking, just in shorter bursts. I feel like that makes my alteration legit. Jeff, you feel me, right?

For the sake of not dying, I was also trying to be mindful to stay around 10-minute pacing while I was running. I set up my watch for 15 run/walk cycles, and then I was off.

I felt like absolute crap at the start of the run. I was achy. I was sleepy. I did not want to be putting my feet to the asphalt/grass/cement. Mostly cement. Cement is evil.

But my body woke up as I kept going. I started picking up my running pace, which became problematic. Around my 5th cycle, I opted to skip a running cycle and give myself 5 minutes to walk. Luckily, I was still on a good pace. As I kept going, I had to cheat my run cycles more. A started them late a couple of times. I gave myself I think 1 more full 5-minute walking period. But I kept going. I hit 4.5 miles and still had a couple of run/walk cycles left, so I kept going. I didn’t get very far before my body vetoed that decision, but I got far enough to hit 5 miles.

Here’s the thing: I can’t remember putting in 5 miles in one workout as an adult. Hell, in high school, the only reason I crossed 5 miles was track workouts where there were warm-ups and cool-downs that put extra distance. I was a hurdler. We don’t run far. We run awkwardly, thank you very much.

Now onto a quick update on yoga progress so far: It’s still yoga.

Ok, maybe I can be more specific. I mentioned in another post that my preference was classes followed by book workouts (because I’m lazy and if someone isn’t making me, I’m not likely to hold that stupid boat pose. Stupid boat pose.).

Running the 10K put a damper on that this week because I don’t want to go into a race sore, but I wasn’t really going to class much anyway. Between scheduling issues and preferences for classes and instructors, I only got in twice last week (and only enjoyed one). I’m living out of my books so far. That said, one book is an Ashtanga book. I finally cracked it open today and did one of the short routines. I’m hoping as the month goes on that I’m more willing to give the longer (and possibly full) routines a try in the middle of the week. If you’ve never done Ashtanga, it can be brutal when you’re not used to it. The warm up leaves me shaky when I’ve taken a couple of weeks off.

I’d love to tell you I can notice a difference, but change happens slowly, and it’s hard to notice slow change. Hopefully I’m slowly boiling the frog so he doesn’t notice. In this metaphor, I’m the frog. Luckily, improved yoga is the boiling water, so there are worse metaphors. That said, if I’m setting up something to where I probably won’t notice the change, I might also not realize that there is no change. Basically, I’m a frog who neither knows if he’s boiling nor if he’s not boiling. It’s a confusing metaphor. I’m not sure where I was going with this. I ran pretty far yesterday. My brain is addled. Or maybe boiled.

And to cap this post and tie back to April, I lost close to 5 pounds the first week of April. In the first week of May, I seem to have made it my mission to put that weight back on. In the last week, I’ve eaten an obscene amount of cookies, pizza, and other junk that I wasn’t allowed to have in April. My bad habits rebound better than Dennis Rodman in his prime.

How’s that for a reference? See you after 6.2 miles of torture. 10 kilometers of pain. 10,000 meters of wishing I was still only running short-distance track.



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