Recapping the Super Awesome Month of Yoga

Ugh. My back hurts. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

Through three weeks of May, I’d say I was in pretty solid shape, but the last few days haven’t been as much fun,

That said, I’m going to pretend the last few days haven’t happened, and that the month of yoga was a resounding success. If nothing else, my posture’s getting better, and, frankly, I look awesome.

Did I mention I’m humble?

But back to yoga. Again, the first few weeks were great, and I was feeling better than normal. I didn’t have as many of my normal twinges and aches. Until the last few days, at least.

I’m actually going to start tracking yoga every day now. I won’t be as militant as I have been, but chronic pain sucks, and I’m tired. I’ve been dealing with my back becoming increasingly worse for more than a decade. It gets old. Yoga’s the only thing that’s ever seemed to do anything for it, so I’m going to keep trying. I also get massages every now and then. Massages are nice, but suckers are expensive. If there are any single ladies who work has MTs, I swear I’m a great guy to date. I’m lying, obviously, but my back does hurt.

As for non-pain impacts of the daily yoga practice, I was noticing differences in muscle along my shoulders and abs. Results showed up their the easiest, though that’s partly a function of the improved posture. Lifting is a non-option for the time being, so it was nice to see my shoulders benefiting from yoga, specifically ashtanga and the never-ending sun salutations that start the practice (seriously, just do the surya namaskara A and B 5 times each and tell me how you’re feeling in your upper body). And pro tip for the dudes out there, if you want to look better quickly, shoulders and back are the ticket to paradise. Visible results show up there in almost anything you wear, as opposed to say abs that will always be under a shirt.

Practicing regularly also has shown up in my flexibility improvements and fluidity of movement. I’m almost moving like someone my actual age. Almost.

I also finally invested in a yoga towel. I’d been taking a small towel just for my hands in downward facing dog. It was working ok but not 100% where I needed it to be for traction, plus I drip so much sweat in ashtanga that I am actually in danger of slipping during standing poses. I opted for a YogaRat towel that matched up size-wise with my mat. Reviews online were good, and after two rounds, it’s worked out great. It absorbs copious amounts of sweat but stays where it’s supposed (assuming dum dum doesn’t drag his feet in the process). Plus, it’s a little bit of extra cushion, which is nice. It’s not pillow top mattress nice, but it’s still nice.

Otherwise, the Super Awesome Year is just chugging along. June means three servings of vegetables a day. Even though that will be a definite increase for me, it’s actually below the daily recommended amount. Hopefully this won’t end as badly as April did where I spent 3 weeks bingeing on food to makeup for my lost pizza time. I’m going to try to take pictures of all my vegetables for the month. God, I do weird things for this little-read blog.

Cowabunga, party people.



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