Recapping 1st Week of Super Awesome Month of Vegetables

Getting to the halfway point of the Super Awesome Year, and I’m realizing something: Maintaining this level of awesome is exhausting.

And so it goes.

This month, we’re on to 3 servings of vegetables a day. I should clarify some. I’m shooting for green vegetables in a form that still allows them to resemble vegetables, so no sauces, juices, etc. I’m sorry, government, but we’re not counting pizza as a vegetable today. If we did, I’d be batting 1.000. As it stands, I’m 6 of 7, with lots of salads and stir-fry. Let’s get to it.

Day 1

The start of this little journey saw me with what was probably my best mix of food. Kicked it off with Panda Express and broccoli. This was followed by garlic shrimp pasta with more broccoli and carrots. We closed off the day with a salad. Salad’s going to be a theme. This one had green leaf lettuce, tomatoes (more on those SOBs later), croutons, and ranch dressing.

Day 2

Day 2 had me eating something for lunch that was bad for me (probably a burger and pizza), but I chased it with a salad (romaine, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, ranch, and croutons). Dinner was a Thai basil stir-fry that included a medley of broccoli, okra, green beans, and corn on top of quinoa. God, I sound like a hipster. And then chased with another salad (same as Day 1).

Day 3

Now we’re hitting groundhog day mode: same salad at lunch (subbing in bacon bits for the black olives), followed by the stir-fry and salad at home for supper.

Day 4

I really need to widen my options. Same stir-fry. Same salad (twice). Salad still tastes like salad.

Day 5

This is where things get interesting. You’ll notice those salads aren’t quite alike. Tomatoes in one and not in the other. I couldn’t find cherry tomatoes at the grocery store, except for this odd mix of different types of smaller tomatoes. I bought a couple of packages that got me through the first 4 days. They turned out pretty well. Then I bought more. Ate my first salad. No story. Started making my second salad of the day and noticed something on one of the tomatoes: a massive amount of mold. Those tomatoes I ate earlier? Yep, they were in the same package. I’m happy I was still able to make myself eat the second salad. So now the remaining lettuce in this batch will be without tomatoes. Those tomatoes are the highlight of my salads. That’s like saying my favorite part of the dentist is the massage chair (my old dentist actually had that), but you have to look forward to what you can.

Day 6

Womp, womp. Yesterday I fell of the wagon and into a pizza. I started ok, but by the time I got home I wanted to make a bad decision. I did at least prep my stir-fry for the remainder of the week, but I demolished a pizza. But this was not before I managed to burn my fingers on an stove burner. I paid my penance and got my pizza.

Day 7

I didn’t really need to show you the chicken sandwich and tater tots (called potato tots where I got them, oddly enough), but I wanted everyone to know that these vegetables weren’t getting in the way of me making bad decisions. Today was light on salads. I went with stir-fry twice (broccoli, onions, and carrots in meal 1, and broccoli, green beans, okra, and corn in meal 2), along with another salad (just because I’m light on salads doesn’t mean there still won’t be salad): romaine, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, croutons, and ranch dressing.

And that’s a wrap on week 1. I just want to make bad choices, but at least the veggies month leaves wiggle room. April and no refined grains almost killed me, so the fact that I can eat a burger without derailing the day means wonders for me. But next week things get tricky. I won’t have time to cook, so I’m going to have to be careful. See you on other side, trekkies.



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