Recapping June (AKA, the month I sort of quit on)

12 for 30. In baseball, I had an ok month. Anywhere else…

calendar of June

But let’s not dawdle (we’ll talk about next month at the end of the post):

Day 23
Day 23

Day 23 was a good day. I got to eat awful stuff, but I had green bean casserole, so it didn’t matter, chased by a salad and stir fry.

Day 24
Day 24

This was not a good day, though it was technically a victory for this month’s challenge. It had the usual suspects: two salads and stir fry. But those cookies are there because it wasn’t a fun day. I bought six. Three were left by the time I made the 10-minute drive home from the cookie shop. Those three disappeared before I went to sleep that night.

Day 25 was not a better day of decisions. I did eat salad. I also ate Popeye’s as my post-yoga treat and enjoyed every single bite. Fun fact, I like to judge the people who are in line to get fast food AS I’M IN LINE TO GET FAST FOOD. Hypocrite, thou art.

I have no log of day 26, though I know it was a loss. I’m sure it involved pizza.

Day 27
Day 27

And now for the last victory of the month: more stir fry and salads. So tired of salads, but hopefully I’ll still eat them often with dinner and lunch. Stupid rabbit food.

Day 28
Day 28

And yet more stir fry. I also had broccoli beef for supper. Had these two bowls not been tiny, I would have considered them two servings of veggies, but alas, they were too small to let them count in good conscious. There may or may not have also been a big chocolate chip brownie at the end of my day.

Day 29 consisted of some broccoli beef, along with a burger, fries, and a brownie at lunch. And some pizza for dessert that night. At this point, I just want to watch the world burn, it appears.

Day 30
Day 30

And finally, today. A salad for lunch. That’s it for veggies. I had a burger, fries, and pizza with my salad. I had Chick-fil-A for supper. And I might have pizza as dessert again.

Ugh. At least that’s over. It wasn’t as bad of an experience as April’s no refined grains, but I still managed to miss even worse this month. Oh well, on to the next challenge: playing guitar 20 minutes a day. I think this is a challenge I can get behind. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Hopefully this month strikes the right chord. I’ll have to pick my actions carefully.

But for real, I used to play every day. Going two days without playing used to really bother me. And then I got a grown-up job and playing dwindled until I was playing about once a week. I didn’t like that. I’ve been much better about playing more often the past couple of months, but I want to get to where I was in terms of effort. This will not have any effect on my physical well-being, but it will be good for me mentally (and I’ll totally look cool playing acoustic guitar around the campfire).


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