Halfway Point of the Super Awesome Month of Fiber

I’ve been neglecting you guys and just when things are getting interesting. That’s right, we’re talking about dietary fiber.

But first a mea culpa. I use this mostly as an outlet for writing, but I also keep a couple of other blogs up for the same reason, including one on reviewing books, and I’ve been finishing a lot of books the past few days. I’d made 6 posts, including 5 book reviews in the two weeks since I’ve posted here. So I’m not just neglecting you; I’m showing favoritism. Now don’t you feel like a red-headed stepchild?

But you know I kid (mostly).

As usual, I’m tracking on my calendar, including logging the day’s final grams of fiber count. I’m doing ok, for the most part. I had a trip to visit a friend last weekend, so things were kind of a wash then, but I’ve otherwise behaved fairly well. This has allowed me to learn a few things.

Getting Fiber is a Series of Good Choices

The first thing is the same thing as most of the other months. No one decision really does the trick. I have to get fiber throughout the day. My best days involve steel-cut oatmeal and berries in the morning, chased with something that has beans with it at night.

Unfortunately I don’t always have my best days. Today, for instance, has involved about 3,000 calories of bad decisions with an orange thrown in at the end to just barely hit 25g. This is not how you make good choices.

Not exactly the most efficient way to reach 25g of fiber. #superawesomeyearofme

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Brown rice and quinoa are other friends of mine, along with apples and oranges. I’ve had to keep good-tasting snacks out of my place of residence. This has led to some residual anger. Yesterday morning I wanted nothing more than to buy a bag of Hot Fries.


There was a time I used to eat a bag of these a day. Needless to say, my GI tract vetoed that option a few years ago.

Getting Fiber Leads to Exclusion of Good Things

Unless I eat 3,000 calories like I did today.

The thing about fiber is that you usually have to get it in your own home, with some exceptions. Fast food is not noted for its preponderance of fibrous options. There are some exceptions, notably burrito places, but burritos get old. Panda Express isn’t bad if they have brown rice, but the anarchists haven’t all summer where I’m at.

If you go back to point one, you’ll see that to eat good things, I have to work backward. I can have a tasty lunch if I make good choices at breakfast and supper.

Using My Other Months’ Goals Helps

And finally, to work the system better, I’m having to incorporate other month’s goals, most notably April (no refined grains), June (3 servings of veggies), and October (no calories in drinks).

April is obvious because refined grains don’t do much for fiber. Quinoa, brown rice, and whole wheat bread don’t suck, so I’ve had some of each pretty much every day.

June is the same. Vegetables are better (for me) than whatever else I’d be eating. While Panda Express isn’t a great choice, it’s my best lunch option because I can pick up broccoli beef and string bean chicken instead of orange chicken.

And October? We haven’t gotten there yet, but when you can’t drink calories, that generally is pure exclusion. Except where vitamin C is concerned.


Not that Vitamin C.

I drink orange juice every day. Have since I was a kid. I’m allergic to milk, so OJ was the second-most normal morning beverage. And once they started fortifying with calcium and vitamin D, it was no longer optional as far as my mom was concerned. Turns out breaking bones is a fear parents have for their children (side note, I actually had a doctor once ask how I hadn’t broken any bones when he started asking me if I ate calcium-rich foods as he listed them off, and I’d said I didn’t eat any of them; this was before calcium-fortified OJ was out)

The OJ habit stuck. I would drink one of those little OJ bottles every morning in college before I was adulting well enough to have real glasses, not just travel mugs. And I’ve noticed when I traveled and didn’t get my OJ, I was getting sick as often as not. This was a problem. I’m now militant about getting OJ every day.

But OJ isn’t the only source of vitamin C.

I think you can see where this is going.

An orange also has vitamin C (though not as much) and comes with the added benefit of fiber, which just so happens to be this month’s theme. I’m trying to eat fruit in the morning instead of drinking juice. I actually didn’t buy any juice for the week to force the issue. I’d actually forgotten about the until just now.


Oh well. I’ll live. Probably.

But that’s all I have for you kids today. Hopefully I’ll be better about keeping this bad boy up to date.

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