Houston, We Have a Problem

Buzzfeed has a shaky reputation, at best. Sometimes they put out good stuff, but they also put out a lot of crap along the way and replace their employees like a revolving door. But again, sometimes they put out good stuff.

And then they do this. It’s an article with tips for beginning runners. Because I’m basically going back to the ground level, I read these types of articles just to see if there might be something useful.

By and large, the article had good tips. And then it had an immoral one sitting at number 3.

At number 2, they recommended getting fitted for a pair of shoes at a speciality store. That’s all good. I recommend that, too. You need to find the right fit.

At number 3, they say then go buy last-year’s version of the recommended shoes to save money. Basically, they recommend wasting some employee’s time, taking up the one resource running stores have over big box stores, and then not paying the speciality store. This is the same type of douchebaggery that led to the downfall of brick and mortar bookstores where people would go to the bookstore to find what they wanted to read and then would order it on Amazon to save a few bucks.


Try again, Buzzfeed.


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