Reviewing My New Goodr sunglasses

Disclaimer: I was not paid to provide this review nor was I provided a free pair of sunglasses to review. That said, I would like for either of those conditions to have been met. Runner’s gotta eat, and ramen ain’t gonna cut it.

Edit: I decided to finally update the post for the new glasses that came post-Kickstarter. Skip to the end for that.

When last we left our hero, he was mourning the loss of his most recently acquired running sunglasses.

#ihaterunning so much I broke my newish glasses

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I was trying to put them on, so I pulled the frame a little wider to get around my face (because the suckers grip my head and don’t slide on easily). And then the frame cracked.


I’d only had them a few months, and they replaced a pair of Oakleys I retired that had a crack in the lens. A friend recommended checking out goodr, and I liked what I saw, so I bought a pair.

And then I obnoxiously did the unboxing thing.

They arrived in time for my afternoon run, so I gave them a test drive. The test drive served two purposes. First, I like to try out my new toys as soon as I get them (my first use of my running watch was at the Disney 5K [where I ran the whole thing, thank you very much], so I was actually the idiot testing new equipment during a race). Second, goodr’s Kickstarter went live today, so there was an opportunity to pick up 3 pairs for $40 (among other deals for higher levels; if you want to kick in $888, you can name one of the new pairs; that seems like a lot of stress). I’m a big fan for picking up things on the cheap, so as long as the pair I got today were serviceable, I was going to go back in so I could pick up a few more to have as backups. I also don’t like to wait when I know I want to make a purchase, so an expedited review occurred.

The Run & Review

Me and my Sunbathing With Wizards glasses (legit, that’s the name; I like to pretend I was running with Gandalf, Dumbledore, and Quentin Coldwater) gave it a go today.

First, some notes on the glasses themselves. They show up in a box with a cleaning/storage cloth. Kind of cool to have that in (though I have about 10 cleaning cloths & cases now, so it wasn’t really a necessity). The frames are somewhat translucent, which isn’t clear when you look at pictures, though you will see some reviewers mention this. It’s weird to see, but it didn’t bother me much. The frames appear to be where the makers are saving their money. The lenses do pretty good, but they’re being upgraded in the Kickstarter process, so telling you about the lenses is only relevant if you’re buying a pair to have in the next few days (actually, you can’t buy pairs with the old lens right now. They’ve suspended sales while the Kickstarter is going on. That seems a little counterproductive, but they probably can’t handle heavy loads right now. I guess my lens review will actually be useless if you want to buy a pair). The lenses are polarized. They’re not fancy, but they do the trick. Basically, I can see clearly, which is kind of the point.

As for the actual run, they stayed in place, which is really all I can ask. They won’t quite sit as close to my face as I would like, but they didn’t slip down my nose any further once they would move those few millimeters down. I’m not a fast runner, and I don’t bounce much, so I can’t say how these will behave for other people, but I was happy with how they sat. They have a texture that’s supposed to grab, and the frames tighten around your head to stay in place. I was in them for 45 minutes and had no issues. For people who go farther, I can’t say how they’ll feel. But I’ve got a big-ass head, so I have to be careful with anything suited for regular people, and these did just fine.

The frames are basically Wayfarer-style and not wrap-around like most running sunglasses. This is the point where personal preferences really come into play. Some people feel wrap-around frames are a must-have. I like them, but I don’t need them. It’s a mild inconvenience to have some sun come in from the side, but I didn’t start using sunglasses to run in until about a year and a half ago, and my eyes aren’t sensitive to sunlight (not to mention my contact lenses actually offer some UV protection). I’ve seen some people lose their minds over these not being wrap-around sunglasses (though if you look at goodr’s materials, you’ll see that the point was to avoid the bulky wrap-around that you usually see). For me, not a deal-breaker. I mostly wear sunglasses for the times I’m going into the sun.

An unexpected benefit for me was that I didn’t get as much sweat on the lenses as I usually do when I wear wrap-around frames. I don’t like the super-big wrap arounds, so my frames always stayed pretty close to my face, which I liked, but that led to more sweat on the lenses. Because these don’t sit as close to my face and they breathe on the sides, my lenses were less prone to fogging and sweat, which should help the long-term viability.

By no means were these sunglasses perfect, but for $25, I can be ok with not perfect. I liked them better than the pair I picked up earlier in the year and subsequently broke. I don’t like them as much as my Oakleys, but I also didn’t have to take out a small loan to cover their cost. I don’t want to shell out a decent sum for glasses that I’m going to intentionally put in harm’s way, so the goodr glasses are a nice compromise. I donated to the Kickstarter so I could pick up another trio of goodr glasses. For a relatively small cost, I think they’re worth the try if you’re looking for lower-cost sunglasses. Plus, they functionally fine as more casual sunglasses.

Four of five stars. Would recommend.

Post-Kickstarter Update: The ones I picked up after the Kickstarter were great. I got Whiskey Shots with Satan, Falkor’s Fever Dream, and the Kickstarter backer pair. I’ve had them for more than a year. They’ve worked out great. All 4 pairs (original plus these 3) are still in good shape. As much as I hated the look of the backer pair, they ended up becoming my default running pair because they’re obnoxiousness went with the obnoxiously bright colors I wear while running so I don’t get hit by a car. I can’t say that I noticed a ton of difference between the original and the updated versions, but I’m a bit happier with the lenses. Still happy with them as running glasses and being able to just wear around. Well worth the money for me.




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