A Loss in the Technology Family

The band's replaceable, but maybe I just need to give up on fitness trackers. Bummer.

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Well, I broke another fitness tracker. At least it was just the band, but the band is about $30 to replace, so it’s not a small sum. And I’m kind of tired of the things breaking. I realize it’s probably my fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m tired.

So what to do now?

Honestly, I was mulling ditching the fitness trackers. I realize they’re probably safe, but having something that constantly emits a bluetooth signal on my person seems like I’m risking something (never mind the constant stream of signals coming from every other electronic device in my home).

The other part of it is that my phone already has tracking built in. While not as accurate because I don’t always carry my phone on me, it will still give me an idea of how active I am, and with the the bedtime feature on the alarm clock, it gives me an idea of how long I’m sleeping.

So this post is a farewell ode to my fitness trackers.

Goodbye, sweet technology

I think we could still be friends

You kept track of where I’d been

From sweet beginnings to the bitter end

From that first fitbit

That caused randos bitter burns

To the second fitbit

Whose button fell to the ferns (urns? I don’t know. The button fell off)

And the third fitbit

That cracked along its back

And now my activité

Whose band is in the garbage sack

So goodbye, sweet trackers

You know me oh so well

But I’ll go on without you

And I’ll see you in hell.

I’m ignoring one thing: I’m currently wearing another fitness tracker in the form of my running watch.

While it does all the things a fitness tracker should, it’s also gigantic on my wrist. I knew it would be when I got it, but I also never intended to wear it when I wasn’t running, so I wasn’t shelling out more money for an upgraded device that would only be slimmer (and possibly have a less accurate HR monitor).

I’ll probably keep wearing the running watch until I get a replacement watch. I may be done with fitness trackers, but I still feel the need to wear a watch. I’ve been wearing one constantly since I was 15, and I like knowing what time it is when my phone’s not around.

So without, goodbye slacker trackers. I don’t regret our time together, but much like that couple that’s been together just a bit too long, I think it’s time we went our separate ways. It’s not you; it’s me. Well, really it’s you because you keep breaking. Because I break you. Ok, it is me.


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