A Short Post In Defeat

I bombed this month.

I had a good week, and then the wheels fell off. #superawesomeyearofme

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We’re not going to dwell on this long. October’s always a rough month at the university, so I needed caffeine. Also, explainer on the extra marks. Bottom-right is for no cokes (the source of bombing the big marks). Bottom-left is doing maintenance: stretching, core, foam rolling, and/or yoga.

Now that’s over, we’re onto November. I’m foam rolling.

I have no idea what this will be like. I’ve only been a foam roller (well, I’m not an actual foam roller; I mean I’m a person who foam rolls) after workouts, and I’m certainly not working out every day.

Got a race coming up and have to start gearing up for the Super Awesome Year of the 10K.


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